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Republic of Texas Era

Quiz by Cody Brown

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28 questions
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  • Q1
    What was one reason the Texas Republic had money problems?
    Sam Houston took all the money and didn't share it.
    The government borrowed money from other countries to pay for war so they owed money.
    The cost of the Texas Rangers was too high to maintain.
    They made too much money and didn't know what to do with it.
  • Q2
    Where did Lamar move the capital when he moved it from Houston?
    San Antonio
    He never moved it
  • Q3
    What was the main reason the Texas Rangers were created?
    To arrest anyone who broke the law.
    Return runaway slaves back to their owners.
    Create a prison system for the state of Texas.
    To protect Texans from American Indian tribes.
  • Q4
    Why did Sam Houston not want to build a navy for Texas?
    It cost too much money to build and maintain
    It would lead to higher tensions with Mexico
    There were not enough troops to run a navy
    It would make the U.S. upset
  • Q5
    A main focus for Sam Houston's presidency was to do what?
    Redrawing the border of Texas with Mexico
    Pay off war debts (Pay money that was owed)
    To join the United States
    Write a national constitution for the country of Texas
  • Q6
    Who was elected the first President of the Republic of Texas in 1836?
    Stephen F. Austin
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Anson Jones
    Sam Houston
  • Q7
    What law in 1839 protected a family's home, tools, and up to 50 acres of land from seizure (taken) for nonpayment of debts (unable to pay money that is owed)?
    Homestead Act
    Treaty of Velasco
    Adams Onis Treaty
    Treaty of Gaudalupe Hidalgo
  • Q8
    What did Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar not agree on?
    Navy strategies, school funding, and foreign affairs
    Military policies, school funding, and joining the U.S.
    Congress representation, Military policies, and Navy strategies
    Native American policies, military funding, and the capital's location
  • Q9
    Which Texas President supported Native Americans and worked with them?
    Stephen F. Austin
    Sam Houston
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Anson Jones
  • Q10
    Why did a lot of Texans want to join the United States instead of being an own country?
    The U.S. would pay the war debts of Texas
    Texas would be split into five states
    Texas would get to keep all its land if they joined the U.S.
    Texas would be a territory instead of a state
  • Q11
    How did education improve under Mirabeau Lamar?
    Public land was set aside for public schools and two universities
    It opened Baylor University
    It opened Texas A&M
    It opened University of Texas
  • Q12
    Why did President Lamar create the Texas Navy?
    To help create a strong military presence in the Gulf of Mexico
    To defend against the U.S. in case it was attacked
    To help force Mexico to recognize Texas as an independent country
    To capture Mexico
  • Q13
    Who was elected President of Texas in 1844?
    Mirabeau Lamar
    Santa Anna
    Anson Jones
    Sam Houston
  • Q14
    Who's diaries and journals have helped historians learn about daily life in the Texas Republic?
    Stephen F. Austin
    William Goyens
    Sam Houston
    Mary Maverick
  • Q15
    What was the main goal of the Santa Fe Expedition?
    To free Texas Rangers that were trapped in Mexico
    To free Anglos from Mexican rule
    To take control of trade routes and to establish a western border of Texas
    To kill all the Native Americans

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