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Quiz by Hendrik Conradie

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  • Q1
    What is the main purpose of research ?
    To find solutions to challenges in society
    To solve all problems
    To search again for answers
    To do deeper analysis
  • Q2
    When initiating research, what is the first step to be taken?
    Determine a research topic/theme
    find respondents
    do data analysis
    obtain ethics clearance from the university
  • Q3
    What is meant with the 'research problem'?
    A problem in society or gap in theory that should be addressed
    how to solve problems
    when the research is problematic
    the research cannot be performed
  • Q4
    what is the purpose of the 'research question'?
    to make sure that data is correct
    it helps to identify a research theme
    to determine the issue of question that needs to be researched
    to ensure ethics clearance
  • Q5
    what is the main difference between qualitative and quantitative studies?
    qualitative studies focus on the thoughts, opinions, feelings of people about a certain issue or question, while qualitative studies look mostly at numbers and statistics
    there is not a big difference really
    qualitative: the quality of the research; quantitative; how much research you have to do
    quantitative: about quantities; qualitative: about people's qualities
  • Q6
    when I determined my research question, what is the important next step in the research process?
    to obtain the findings as soon as possible
    to analyse my data
    to determine my research population and data collection instruments
    to make sure I am ethical in my research
  • Q7
    for a qualitative study, which data collection instruments would I usually consider?
    observations; experiments
    i would always use interviews
    questionnaires; interviews; focus groups; textual analysis
    instruments that measure quality
  • Q8
    the data that collect, before I analyse that, I would call it...
    initial data
    a collection
    raw data
  • Q9
    how would I analyse qualitative data that I collected?
    qualitative data analysis, often through thematic content analysis
    i would measure the data
    I would consult with respondents
  • Q10
    when I analyse data, would I look for ...
    emerging patterns and themes; similar responses and outliers
    problems with the data
  • Q11
    when I look at my raw qualitative data, will I first ...
    interpret it
    look for findings immediately
    look at ethics problems
    try to categorise the answers and look for emergent themes

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