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Quiz by Masood Jawaid

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  • Q1
    What is chatgpt?
    A video conferencing platform
    A language model developed by OpenAI
    A social media app
    A virtual assistant
  • Q2
    What is the purpose of using chatgpt for research?
    Collecting and organizing numerical data
    Conducting market research surveys
    Creating and testing physical prototypes
    Generating and analyzing text data
  • Q3
    What is one potential ethical concern regarding the use of chatgpt in research?
    The violation of privacy and confidentiality of research participants
    The misuse of data for commercial or political purposes
    The risk of technical failures and system errors during data collection
    The potential for perpetuating bias and discrimination present in the training data
  • Q4
    What is the Consensus Research App used for?
    Playing games online
    Setting up social media profiles
    Finding recipes for cooking
    Asking questions from research
  • Q5
    Is the Consensus Research App free to use?
    No, it costs $50 to download
    Yes, it is completely free
    No, it requires a subscription
    No, it costs $10 per month
  • Q6
    How is the data on the Consensus Research App analyzed?
    Through advanced algorithms and machine learning
    Through visual inspections
    Through manual data entry
    Through guesswork and intuition
  • Q7
    What is QuilBot?
    A cooking recipe website
    A fitness tracking app
    A gardening blog
    A language processing AI tool
  • Q8
    Is QuilBot a free tool?
    Yes, but it only works for short texts
    There is both a free and paid version of QuilBot available
    No, QuilBot is only available to enterprise-level businesses
    No, QuilBot is a physical product that you must purchase
  • Q9
    Can QuilBot be used for academic writing?
    Yes, it is always acceptable to use QuilBot for academic writing
    It depends on the requirements and rules set by the academic institution
    No, QuilBot is only designed for casual writing
    No, because QuilBot cannot provide accurate results for technical language
  • Q10
    Is it possible for AI to plagiarize content?
    No, AI cannot steal content from humans
    Yes, but only accidentally with no intention to deceive
    Yes, AI is not capable of plagiarism
    Yes, if it copies existing content
  • Q11
    Can AI tools be the sole author of a research paper?
    AI tools can only co-author with humans.
    Yes, AI tools can be the sole author of a research paper.
    AI tools cannot be used in research paper writing at all.
    No, AI tools cannot be the sole author of a research paper.

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