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Research Writing

Quiz by carissa calalin

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following refers to a type of research which aims to immediately solve a problem? 

    Action Research 

    Basic Research 

  • Q2

    This refers to a research that discover, explore, understand, or investigate a certain topic of interest. 

    Action Research 

    Basic Research 

  • Q3

    Project PICK-UP: Pupils Intervention in Comprehension and Knowledge to Uphold Potential is an example of ______________________

    Action Research 

    Basic Research 

  • Q4

    Level of Anxiety and Attitude of Students in Mathematics 10 is an example of _______________________________. 

    Basic Research 

    Action Research 

  • Q5

    Review of Related Literature is present in _____________________

    Basic Research 

    Both Basic and Action Research

    Action Research 

  • Q6

    In a school base research the maximum duration of its conduct is ____________________

    no time allotment given

    maximum of 6 months 

    maximum of 1 year

  • Q7

    Which of the following is used for citations and referencing in the  conduct of basic and action research in the Department of Education? 




  • Q8

    Once a research is funded under BERF, which of the following is not an eligible expense? 

    Food and Meal during the conduct of the data gathering 

    Transportation allowance 

    Reproduction, printing and binding cost

    Purchase of Equipment 

  • Q9

    An action research has _____ basic parts. 



  • Q10

    Current Situation, Baseline Data, Problem, and Contextualized approached are parts of the ____________________________. 

    Action Research Method 


    Context and Rational 

    Action Research Question 


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