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Researching a Speech

Quiz by Kerry Hays

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  • Q1
    To establish credibility with your audience, you should:
    Use research compiled by someone that is a recognized authority of the group you are addressing.
    Use as many sources as possible to impress them with your knowledge.
    Provide vague, inaccurate statements
    Use humor that is targeted to their particular group.
  • Q2
    To best present the information you've discovered through research, you should
    Begin early so that you can share what you've discovered as opposed to your own unsubstantiated opinions.
    Find as many facts as you can and then find a way to add them to your speech.
    Only use information that supports your premise and ignore the rest.
  • Q3
    I have been an eyewitness to a historic event and I immediately go home and write down my observations of the event in a journal. What type of source is this
    An unimportant one
  • Q4
    While cleaning the attic, you come across a notebook that contains an interview that your grandmother did of her parents who lived through the Great Depression. What type of source is this?
    Not of any value
  • Q5
    Research is best defined as:
    Adding a word or phase to a search engine and use the first thing that pops up.
    An unnecessary task assigned by teachers to torment their students.
    searching out information to discover the truth about something.
    Talking to others and accepting their opinions as fact
  • Q6
    Picture a world where temperatures have risen to the point that the Earth's climate has changed dramatically threatening the very existence of mankind. What type of supporting material is this?
    Statistical analysis
    Brief testimony
    Hypothetical example
  • Q7
    What is the word or phrase used the identify the words typed into a search box?
    Inquiry cipher
    word codes
  • Q8
    A psychologist testifies about the dysfunctional behavior she has observed in an individual and shares her diagnosis of the person's condition. What is this called?
    Bystander testimony
    Medical testimony
    Brief testimony
    Expert testimony
  • Q9
    When you use quotation mark to surround your search inquiry, the information returned will:
    Include information about your request and other information to the comparison word(s)
    Return no results.
    Only include sources about the specific information found within the quotation marks.
    Result in any record that contains all the words in the search request.

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