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Resilience Quiz

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  • Q1
    Resilience is
    the ability to bounce back from trauma
    a type of disease
    a quality innate in everyone
    the tendency to fall into depression
  • Q2
    How many students graduate within 6 years after entering US universities?
    about 75 %
    about 23 %
    about 56 %
    about 85 %
  • Q3
    How many American college students report experiencing depression?
    about 78 %
    about 10 %
    about 25 %
    about 44 %
  • Q4
    The word tenacious means
    weak and helpless
    relentless and sturdy
    loud and angry
  • Q5
    True/False. Exercise has been proven to relieve stress and anxiety levels
  • Q6
    The Stanford Resilience Project is
    a collection of videos developed to help college students develop resilience and know others have experienced similar situations
    none of the above
    a TV series following failing schools
    a documentary on HBO exploring college life

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