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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the meaning of RESPECT?
    Not to listen to others or follow rules.
    A person that tells themselves that they are dumb.
    Using foul language, yelling, ignoring others.
    A positive feeling or admiration for another person or thing.
  • Q2
    Who should show RESPECT?
    adults only
    no one
    only a few people
  • Q3
    How would you show RESPECT?
    Ignoring someone trying to help you.
    Talking back to others.
    Listening, owning your actions, and being responsible.
    Running out of the room.
  • Q4
    What could you do to help a friend be RESPECTFUL?
    Yell at them and call them names.
    Be disrespectful like they are.
    Laugh at them or with them.
    Talk to them, remind them how to show respect and why.
  • Q5
    Why is being RESPECTFUL important?
    So you can get candy.
    It's the right thing to do even when no one is watching.
    You want to earn a treat.
    So you can win a prize.
  • Q6
    Who is willing to be RESPECTFUL?
    only girls
    only boys
    I am!
    not me
  • Q7
    Respecting others means
    Having kind actions
    Helping others
    Using nice words
    All of the above
  • Q8
    Someone in class is wearing a new shirt. You don't like it so you will
    Write her a note that her shirt is really ugly
    Make fun of them at recess
    You know someone's feelings will be hurt so you will keep your comments to yourself
    Yell out in front of everyone in the class her shirt is ugly
  • Q9
    How could you treat others if you disagree?
    "I don't like your opinion"
    "I disagree with you"
    "You are rude for not agreeing"
    "I respect that but I disagree"
  • Q10
    When you meet someone new, what is a good way to show respect?
    Look away when they are talking.
    Ignore them.
    Shake their hand.
    Use rude language.

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