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Responsible ICT Use

Quiz by Jordan Foyle

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What does ICT stand for?
    Information Computer Techniques
    Information Communication Technology
    Incredible Computer Types
    Internet Covered Technology
  • Q2
    It is important to use technology in what way?
    All of these
  • Q3
    What kind of information is best to use for a password
    Your dog's name
    A random string of numbers, letters and symbols
    Your Birthday
    Your Username
  • Q4
    Unethical use of ICT involves:
    All of these
    Pretending to be someone else
    Harming other's reputations
  • Q5
    What should you do to be a good digital citizen?
    Engage positively and respectfully online
    Reply to everyone who comments on your posts or messages you
    Engage negatively and rudely online
    Never use the internet
  • Q6
    What type of software is used to protect your devices from malware?
    Antivirus Software
    Private Software
    Proprietary Software
    Open-Source Software
  • Q7
    Which of these is one of the "Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics"?
    Thou is entitled to use other people's work online for one's self
    Thou shalt not use a computer to harm other people
    Thou cannot be a good digital citizen without making money online
    Thou may harm other's reputations online
  • Q8
    Is it okay to give out your passwords to other people?
    Yes, but only of they give me their passwords too
    No, not at all
    Only to my friends
    Yes, all the time
  • Q9
    In terms of your health, it is important to...
    Use technology all the time, who needs exercise?
    Balance screen-time with social and physical activity
    Never use technology, it can make my eyes go square
    Go outside, I can just use my laptop in the garden
  • Q10
    When using images and other resources online, what should you do?
    Crop out the original creator and claim it as my own
    Never use someone else's work, I must do everything all by myself
    Copy and paste everything into a Word document
    Give credit where it is needed and use my own words where I can

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