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Resume and Cover Letter

Quiz by Cinco Delgado

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  • Q1
    education section
    Here you should put your highest level of education related to the job you want.
  • Q2
    most employers love seeing key words from the job descriptions because it shows you did your homework
    This is the technique of using key words on your resume. It is called key word stuffing. Why use it?
  • Q3
    The first thing on the resume is...
  • Q4
    experience section
    This is the heart of your resume. It should include your most relevant work experience for the job you want as well as your job titles, actions, taken, and results achieved.
  • Q5
    because employers want someone who can specifically relate to their open position
    Why is it not a good idea to use the same resume for every job you apply for in today's world.
  • Q6
    contact information
    This section includes information the employer will use to contact you.
  • Q7
    job description
    This is where employers tell you exactly what they want to see on your resume.
  • Q8
    Most people write one resume and use it for every job application. Is this an effective way to get jobs?
  • Q9
    applicant tracking systems
    Because employers get hundreds of applications for every job opening, they use this to screen resumes.
  • Q10
    mailing address
    The second thing on your resume is...
  • Q11
    it indicates where to mail official documents, and it shows employers where you are located
    What are the two purposes of your mailing address on your resume?
  • Q12
    True or False: Employers aren't interested in your experiences that are unrelated to the job?
  • Q13
    True or False: Employers only care about your experiences that specifically relate to their open position?
  • Q14
    the job description
    You use this as a starting point to build your resume.
  • Q15
    summary section
    In this section, you should include the job title for your desired job, a brief description of yourself, and a list of your most relevant skills.

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