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Review for 9.1-9.4

Quiz by Zachary Utter

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  • Q1
    These rules are designed to help historians determine the
    Question Image
    differences in belief systems
    laws of a civilization
    reliability of document information
    popularity of a publication
  • Q2
    What is the best title for this diagram?
    Question Image
    Benefits of the Counter Reformation
    Characteristics of Classical Civilizations
    Changes during the Neolithic Revolution
    Elements of Belief Systems
  • Q3
    Which of the following was an effect of the turning point identified in this diagram?
    Question Image
    Paleolithic gatherers gained more power
    Livestock became wild
    Food supplies became insecure
    Establishment of the first civilizations
  • Q4
    Document 1 was most likely produced in
    Question Image
    The Middle East
  • Q5
    Document 2 is a text that was important to which society?
    Question Image
    Ancient Egypt
    Classical Greece
    Han Dynasty
    Gupta Empire
  • Q6
    Identify a similarity between Documents 1 and 2.
    Question Image
    Both texts refer to polytheistic religions.
    Both texts provided guidance for how followers of belief systems should live their lives.
    Both texts provided Chinese civilizations with structure to their society.
    Trade spread the beliefs in these texts to Europe and Asia.
  • Q7
    Which area was most affected by the spread of both Islam and Buddhism in the period from 200 B.C. to A.D. 1450?
    Question Image
    coastal China
    Arabian peninsula
    Indian subcontinent
    Japanese islands
  • Q8
    Identify the best use of this map for a historian.
    Question Image
    To identify which goods were traded from China to Europe during the Classical Era
    To explore the origins of religious practices in East Africa
    To determine why Canton was a popular trading city in China
    To find what paths Islamic traders and military campaigns might have taken to get to India
  • Q9
    Which claim is best supported by evidence in the map above?
    Question Image
    Buddhism was a popular religion in North Africa in 1450 CE
    Islam and Buddhism originated in India
    Islam and Buddhism spread through trade routes over land and over sea
    Many people in Japan were Muslim in 1450 CE
  • Q10
    The illustration represents a society based on
    Question Image
    political ability
    educational achievement
    accumulated wealth
    social class
  • Q11
    This illustration suggests that the European feudal system was
    Question Image
    intended to provide opportunities for social mobility
    designed to promote political and economic equality
    supported by the labor of the peasants
    controlled by a powerful middle class
  • Q12
    What turning point in Global History led to the development of the European Feudal System?
    Question Image
    Hinduism was adopted by European monarchs
    invasion by the Mongols
    peasants took control of European kingdoms
    the Fall of the Roman Empire
  • Q13
    What is the primary theme of this passage?
    Question Image
    natural rights
    economic interests
    social mobility
    cultural values
  • Q14
    Which statement about Byzantine society is best supported by this passage?
    Question Image
    Most women had jobs outside the home.
    Young unmarried women were encouraged to be independent.
    Empresses and aristocrats were more important than female saints.
    All women were expected to adhere to similar standards.
  • Q15
    Based on this timeline, which claim can best be supported from the information presented?
    Question Image
    Isolationism prevented the Chinese from developing new inventions.
    The Chinese successfully protected their inventions from Western spies.
    Prior to 1500, Chinese technology surpassed that of the West.
    By 1500, the Chinese were importing Western technology.

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