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Review Force and Motion

Quiz by Rucker, Natosha E

Grade 8
Georgia Standards of Excellence

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Grade 8
Georgia Standards of Excellence


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5 questions
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  • Q1

    A car is traveling 40 kilometers an hour. It turns rightat 40 kilometers per hour. The action the car takeschanges its


    speed, but not its direction.

    direction, but not its acceleration.


  • Q2

    Which of the following always causes change inspeed, direction, or both?

    either balanced or unbalanced forces

    unbalanced forces

    any combination of forces

    balanced forces

  • Q3

    An object with increasing acceleration is also increasing in which other property?




  • Q4

    Ezra's mother told her she was "moving at a snail'space." How could Ezra determine the average speed ofa snail?

    She could divide a set distance by the time it takes the snail to move that distance.

    She can subtract the snail's density from the time it takes for it to cover a set distance.

    She could multiply the snail's mass by the time ittakes it to cover a set distance

    She could add together the times it takes the snail tocover several set distances.

  • Q5

    Megan left her wagon outside while it was raining andit filled with water. When Megan tried to move thewagon that afternoon, she failed to budge the wagon.Why did Megan's wagon become hard to move?

    The rainwater decreased the force of friction pullingon the wagon, decreasing the force it needed to move

    The rainwater increased the force of gravity pushing on the wagon, increasing the force it needed to move

    The rainwater increased the mass of the wagon, increasing the amount of force it needed to move


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