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Review: Health problems and Giving advice

Quiz by นางสาวธวัลกร อาจสาลี

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12 questions
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  • Q1

    What's wrong with her?

    Question Image

    She has a broken arm.

    She has a sore throat.

    She has a toothache.

  • Q2

    What's wrong with her?

    Question Image

    She has a stomachache.

    She has a headache.

    She has a broken arm.

  • Q3

    What's wrong with her?

    Question Image

    She feels sleepy.

    She feels dizzy.

    She is hungry.

  • Q4

    Match the picture with the best vocabulary.

    Question Image




  • Q5

    What happened with him?

    Question Image

    His arms are swollen.

    He has a runny nose.

    He has a rash.

  • Q6

    I have a bad cold. What should I do?

    You shouldn't eat too much.

    You should take a rest.

    You should go to see the dentist.

  • Q7

    I have cut my finger. What should I do?

    You should put a plaster on it.

    You should get an x-ray.

    You should take some medicine.

  • Q8

    I have a headache. What should I do?

    You should try not to talk.

    You should take some pain killers.

    You shouldn't move it.

  • Q9

    He has a sore throat. What should he do?

    Question Image

    He should scratch it.

    He should drink some warm water.

    He should put some balm on it.

  • Q10

    What's the matter with him?

    Question Image

    He has a sore throat.

    He has a fever.

    Ha has a cold.

  • Q11

    A: How do you feel?   B: _______________.

    I am having breakfast

    You should take some medicine

    I'm feeling a little under the weather

  • Q12

    A: ________________?   B: I have a terrible headache.

    What do you think

    What are you doing

    What seems to be the problem


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