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Review Units 7 -9

Quiz by Jasmin Alejo

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  • Q1
    1. A Hey, Ken. Did you get someone __________ your car? B Not yet. I think I'm going to have my brother __________ at it tomorrow.
    fix /looking
    fixing /look
    to fix /look
  • Q2
    2. A How much did it cost to have your computer_________? B It didn't cost much. I had it ________ at Don's Discount Computers.
    repair/ doing
    repaired/ done
    repair/ do
  • Q3
    3. I wonder if my computer's memory needs to ____________
    being upgraded
    be upgraded.
    be upgrade
  • Q4
    3. I know our roof and our porch need_______________.
    be fixing
  • Q5
    4. Maybe the showerhead needs to be_________ .
  • Q6
    5. A: Did my sister tell you I lost my temper with her? I got so angry with her for forgetting Mom's birthday. B : Well, you _________________at her. You know she's stressed out right now. A: I know, but I really had no choice.
    shouldn't has shouted
    shouldn't shout
    shouldn't have shouted
  • Q7
    6. A: My job was too stressful, so I quit. Do you think that was the right thing to do? B: Hmm. I guess I _____________________ so soon. Looking for a new job is stressful, too.
    wouldn't has quit
    wouldn't have quit
    wouldn't have
  • Q8
    7. I wonder why she didn't come to the party last night.
    She may not been invited.
    She may not have been invite.
    She may not have been invited.
  • Q9
    8. A: My friend and I were supposed to meet at the library, but he never showed up. B: He ______________. Did he leave a message on your cell phone?
    must have forgot
    must have forgotten

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