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Reviewing for June Test

Quiz by song vichet

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41 questions
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  • Q1
    dismiss (v)
    to remove someone from their job
  • Q2
    suicide (n)
    the act of killing yourself
  • Q3
    cut off (phrasal verb)
    to separate something by cutting it away from the main part
  • Q4
    depressed (adj)
    suffering from a medical condition in which you are so unhappy that you cannot live a normal life
  • Q5
    reject (v)
    to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something
  • Q6
    fellow (adj)
    belonging to the same class or group; united by the same occupation, interests, etc
  • Q7
    settle down (phr v)
    to adopt an orderly and routine way of life, take up a permanent post, etc, especially after marriage
  • Q8
    tension (n)
    anxiety and worry
  • Q9
    quarrel (v)
    to disagree with someone in an angry, often loud way
  • Q10
    fiercely (adv)
    Violently, intensely, ferociously
  • Q11
    razor blade (n)
    a thin flat piece of metal with a sharp edge for cutting that can be used in a razor
  • Q12
    asylum (n)
    a mental hospital, or any other institution giving shelter and other help to poor or suffering people
  • Q13
    insane (n)
    mentally ill people
  • Q14
    bury (v)
    to put a dead body into the ground
  • Q15
    cemetery (n)
    an area of ground in which dead bodies are buried

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