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Quiz by Zakia Abu Nahia

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Huda will visit her friend tomorrow. ( use : is going to)
    Huda visiting her friend.
    Huda is going to visit her friend tomorrow.
    Huda is go to visit her friend tomorrow.
    Huda going to visit her friend tomorrow.
  • Q2
    Ali is going to play outside. ( use : will )
    Ali will going to play.
    Ali will to play outside.
    Ali is will play outside.
    Ali will play outside.
  • Q3
    We go to school by bus. ( use: used to)
    We used to going to school.
    We used to go to school by bus.
    We used go to school by bus.
    We use to go to school by bus.
  • Q4
    They will paint a picture. ( use : the past tense)
    They will painted a picture.
    They painting a picture.
    They painted a picture.
    They paintes a picture.
  • Q5
    I am making a cake. ( use : past tense)
    I am made a cake.
    I made a cake.
    I make a cake.
    I making a cake.
  • Q6
    She drink milk . ( use : used to)
    She used to drink milk.
    She used drink milk.
    She use to drink milk.
    She drank milk.

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