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Revision 1 on Work Done and KPT[Schools' EOY papers]

Quiz by Jessica Lew

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24 questions
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  • Q1

    A motor drives a pump that raises 0.60 m3 of water by 8.0 m in 4.0 minutes. The density of water is 1000 kg / m3. If there is 50 W of power loss, what is the power input by the motor?[BWSS 2021]

    1250 W

    250 W

    150 W

    200 W

  • Q2

    The diagram shows a mercury barometer placed at sea level. What is the pressure at point Y inside the tube?[BWSS 2021]

    Question Image

    31 cmHg

    15 cmHg

    30 cmHg

    46 cmHg

  • Q3

    The diagram shows a simple hydraulic jack. Which of the following alterations will enable heavier loads to be lifted?[BWSS 2021]

    Question Image

    Diameter of W[No Change]; Diameter of Z[Halved]

    Diameter of W[Halved]; Diameter of Z[Doubled]

    Diameter of W[Doubled]; Diameter of Z[Halved]

    Diameter of W[Doubled]; Diameter of Z[No Change]

  • Q4

    Which of the following statements describes the volume and shape of a gas or liquid at constant temperature?[BWSS 2021]

    The volume of a gas is fixed but its shape is not fixed.

    The volume of a liquid is not fixed but its shape is fixed

    The volume of a gas is not fixed but its shape is fixed.

    The volume of a liquid is fixed but its shape is not fixed.

  • Q5

    A fixed mass of gas is compressed while kept at constant temperature. How will the properties of the molecules of the gas change?[BWSS 2021]

    Question Image





  • Q6

    A stone slab has dimensions of 2.0 m x 0.80 m x 0.030 m and has a weight of 1300 N. The slab is placed on the ground so that it exerts the smallest pressure on the ground.

    What is this pressure?[FCSS 2021]

    Question Image

    27 kPa

    54 kPa

    0.81 kPa

    22 kPa

  • Q7

    A glass vessel is connected to a side-arm through a tap. With the tap closed, the depth of water in the vessel is h. When the tap is opened, water flows into the side-arm. The depth of water in the vessel falls. When the levels have settled, which statement is true?[FCSS 2021]

    Question Image

    y = x

    hx = y

    hy = x

    h = x

  • Q8

    A car is driven along a level road. The total energy input from the petrol is 60 kJ and the car wastes 45 kJ of energy. What is the efficiency of the car?[FCSS 2021]

    15 %

    75 %

    45 %

    25 %

  • Q9

    The gas in a closed vessel of constant volume is heated. What happens to the molecules of the gas?[FCSS 2021]

    The kinetic energy of the molecules decreases.

    The rate of collision of the molecules with the vessel increases

    The average separation of the molecules increases.

    The average force between the molecules decreases

  • Q10

    A man rolls a barrel of mass 80 kg up a plank of length 2.5 m onto a lorry. The back of the lorry is 1.0 m above the horizontal surface of the road.[FHSS 2021]

    Question Image

    800 J

    1200 J

    1800 J

    2000 J

  • Q11

    The diagram shows three tubes P, Q and R, each containing air trapped by a water column. Which statement is correct?[FHSS 2021]

    Question Image

    The pressure of the trapped air in tube Q is greater than in tube P.

    The pressure of the trapped air is the greatest in tube P.

    The pressure of the trapped air is equal in tubes P, Q and R.

    The pressure of the trapped air is the least in tube R.

  • Q12

    A mercury manometer is used to measure the pressure of a gas. The pressure of the atmosphere is Patm, and the gravitational field strength is g. What is the pressure of the gas?[FHSS 2021]

    Question Image

    Patm - hx density x g

    h x density x g


    Patm + hx density x g

  • Q13

    At which position will the pressure be the greatest?[FHSS 2021]

    Question Image





  • Q14

    The diagram below shows a smoke particle X moving randomly when suspended in air. Which statement explains why X moves randomly?[FHSS 2021]

    Question Image

    Particle X has converted its thermal energy to kinetic energy

    Particle X has gained thermal energy from its surroundings.

    Air molecules hit X from different directions

    Air molecules vibrate about a fixed position.

  • Q15

    A substance consists of particles that are close together and moving past each other at random. The average speed of the particles is gradually increasing. Which of the following best describes the substance?[PLMGS 2021]

    A gas at boiling temperature

    A gas being heated.

    A liquid at boiling temperature.

    A liquid being heated.


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