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Revolution and Constitution

Quiz by Liam

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41 questions
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  • Q1
    What action, by the French, angered the British and led to the French and Indian War
    Attacking Washington D.C.
    Capturing Florida
    Support of the Americans in the Revolution
    Establishing forts in the Ohio Valley
  • Q2
    Who did the Governor of Virginia send to expel the French?
    Thomas Gage
    George Washington
    Lord Cornwallis
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q3
    The Albany Plan asked for
    Troops from every colony
    A more powerful central government
    Taxes to pay the British
    A unification of the colonies to help fight the war
  • Q4
    After the French and Indian War the British looked to who to pay for it
    The people of Britain
    The French
    The Indians
    The colonists
  • Q5
    The idea behind "no representation without representation" meant
    Colonists wanted their own king
    Colonists did not want to pay any taxes
    Colonists wanted to have representation in British Parliament
    Colonists wanted to be taxed by their own colonial legislatures
  • Q6
    The Stamp Act was a tax on
    All imports
    All legal documents
    Postage stamps
  • Q7
    In response to the Stamp Act colonists
    Dumped tea in Boston Harbor
    Declared Independence
    Massacred British troops
    Boycotted British goods
  • Q8
    The Boston Massacre was
    Where the American colonists drove the British out of Boston
    Where natives attacked Boston after being paid by the British
    Where the Americans threw tea into Boston Harbor
    Where American colonists were shot by British soldeirs
  • Q9
    The Coercive Acts were set to punish Boston after what incident
    Boston Massacre
    Declaration of Independence
    Bunker Hill
    Boston Tea Party
  • Q10
    The First Continental Congress did what
    Wrote the Constitution
    Declared independence
    Gave George Washington command of the army
    Set up a boycott of British goods
  • Q11
    A loyalist supported
    The colonists
    They stayed neutral
    The British
  • Q12
    A patriot supported
    The British
    The colonists
    They stayed neutral
  • Q13
    British troops were sent to find weapons at
    New York
  • Q14
    On the way to find weapons the British were confronted by colonists at
    New York
  • Q15
    Of the following, what did the Second Continental Congress NOT do
    Declare Independence
    Write the Articles of Confederation
    Name George Washington commander of the army
    Write the Constitution

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