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RI 6.2 CFA

Quiz by Kayla Hatcher

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    How does the author support the idea that Usain Bolt is a legendary athlete?

    by mentioning Bolt’s desire to inspire others

    by providing details about Bolt’s success in track

    by describing features that make Bolt a talented runner

    by explaining Bolt’s motivation for becoming a sprinter

  • Q2

    Which sentence from the selection summarizes the central idea?

    “Bolt’s meteoric rise to fame is rivaled only by his rise to popularity in Jamaica and throughout the world.”

    “Although Bolt has scoliosis, a curvature of the spine, and is much taller than a typical sprinter, Bolt’s gift ofspeed prevailed.”

    “Bolt will forever be remembered as one of the greatest Olympians of all time.”

    “Bolt is not only a gifted sprinter but also a humanitarian.”

  • Q3

    Read this sentence from the selection.

    He established the Usain Bolt Foundation.

    Which idea in the selection does this detail support?

    Usain Bolt deserves his star status.

    Usain Bolt promotes various products.

    Usain Bolt is a humanitarian.

    Usain Bolt hires Jamaicans for his ads.

  • Q4

    How might the selection be summarized? 

    Usain Bolt was a world class sprinter and won international races. 

    Usain Bolt is a world-class sprinter. Despite a lifelong medical condition, Bolt has won numerous international races, set three world speed records, and inspired his fellow countrymen and other sports enthusiasts.In addition to his victories and popularity, Bolt is also a humanitarian who champions children and his native island of Jamaica.

    Usain Bolt was a sprinter that created the Usain Bolt foundation and had a successful athletic career. 

  • Q5

    When summarizing informational text what can you use to help you write your summary?

    Repeating words and phrases

    Main idea AND supporting key details 

    Supporting details

    Text features 


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