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Ripped from the Headlines

Quiz by Elizabeth Cuisinier

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  • Q1
    What does it mean to be brave?
    Question Image
    To be afraid.
    A hollow tube of metal or plastic.
    To hesitate to start working on something.
    To not be afraid to do something difficult or dangerous
  • Q2
    What is a surfer?
    Question Image
    A person who rides on a wave using a surfboard.
    A person who plays tennis.
    When a moving part gets stuck and stops.
    A board.
  • Q3
    What does it mean to be trapped?
    Question Image
    To not be afraid to do something difficult or dangerous.
    To trap an animal.
    To become stuck and not be able to get out.
    When a moving part gets stuck and stops.
  • Q4
    What is a pipe?
    Question Image
    A hollow tube made of metal or plastic.
    When something becomes stuck.
    A special plastic chair.
    A board used for surfing.
  • Q5
    What does it mean if brakes or wheels become locked up?
    Question Image
    A moving part becomes stuck and stops.
    When a vehicle slides while turning too fast.
    It becomes cold.
    You need new brakes.
  • Q6
    What does it mean when a vehicle skids?
    Question Image
    The vehicle flips.
    The vehicle slides while trying to turn too fast.
    The vehicle was moving too slow.
    The body has sustained a sever injury.
  • Q7
    Where do you play tennis?
    A tennis court.
  • Q8
    What is a catcher?
    Question Image
    A white diamond on the ground a player touches to score in baseball.
    A board
    A basketball player
    A person who catches the ball in baseball.
  • Q9
    In baseball, what part of the field is the home plate?
    Question Image
    The pitchers mound.
    A net the ball touches to score.
    A white diamond on the ground a player touches to score.
    1st base.
  • Q10
    What does a blaze mean?
    Question Image
    A pizza restaurant.
    The bright sun.
    A bright fire.
  • Q11
    What is a story in a building?
    Question Image
    A floor.
    the kitchen.
    An interesting story.
    A room.
  • Q12
    What does it mean to give first aid?
    Question Image
    to donate.
    To take someone to the hospital.
    To be first in line.
    To help someone who is hurt.
  • Q13
    What is good to use when giving first aid?
    Question Image
    a hammer.
    web md
    a bus.
    A first aid kit.
  • Q14
    What is a hike?
    Question Image
    talking with new friends.
    walking to school.
    going for a long car ride.
    A long walk.
  • Q15
    What are muscles?
    Question Image
    Bones inside your body.
    a city in Belgium.
    Strong tissue inside the body.
    A car part.

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