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38 questions
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  • Q1
    Effective school management is observed or measured in many ways. Some of the indicators of good management in schools are stated below EXCEPT:
    Teachers come to school on time; rarely been absent and receive effective supervision
    School facilities are in good repair with the help of the stakeholders in improving it
    Instructional supplies are ordered and arrived on time
    PTA are involved in academic teaching
  • Q2
    Refers to articles which are not consumed in use and ordinarily retain their original identity during the period of use, whose serviceable life is more than one (1) year and which add to the assets of the GoP
    infra project
    repeat orders
    Non-expenable supplies
  • Q3
    if a ratee gets NOT OBSERVED remarks in his COT, what will be his final rating
  • Q4
    According to RA 11476, GMRC shall be taugh t in what grades?
    kinder to g6
    grades 4-6
    grades 1-6
    grades 3-5
  • Q5
    Values Education shall be taught as a core subject in what grades
    grades 6-10
    grades 9-12
    grades 7-10
  • Q6
    What approach will be used by the school for the effective teaching of GMRC and Values Education as core subjects
    whole school approach
    peer teaching
  • Q7
    RA 11190 created a specialized high school
    Phil Science High School
    Bataan High School for the Arts
    Phil HS for Sports
    Phil HS for the Arts
  • Q8
    RA 11510 or the ALS law mandates the creation of a bureau in DepED
    Alternative Sytem
    Alternative Education
  • Q9
    What best describes the scenario, a school is providing quality education to its learner regardless if they are the son of the town’s mayor or the son of a poor farmer?
    Political loyalty
    Political neutrality
    Political issues
    Political allies
  • Q10
    How are you going to resolve the parent complain on the relationship of your male teacher with his 16 years old student girlfriend?
    Dismiss the male teacher and transfer the girl to other school
    Transfer the teacher to other school after a resolved meeting with the concern parties
    put on leave teachers who have been accused of improper relationships with students
    Advise the male teacher to refrain from having relationship with his student
  • Q11
    Teacher Fe never accepts changes including writing the Daily Lesson Log. How are you to persuade your teacher to follow DepEd policy on DLL submission?
    file an administrative charge immediately
    Give the teacher with unsatisfactory or poor performance rating
    encourage him to submit DLL ,discuss DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2016
    gnore the teacher and avoid further conflict
  • Q12
    The following were the basis for the "re-thinking" of the National Competency-Based Standarts for School Heads, EXCEPT for one.
    ASEAN integration
    Transformation of NEAP
  • Q13
    PPSSH was formed by BHROD, NEAP and RCTQ. The following are the characteristics of PPSSH, except for one:
    Based with Principals Test
    internationally comparable
    responsive to the career progression
    aligned with K to 12
  • Q14
    The following are the aims of PPSSH, except for one:
    Set clear expectations of school heads as well as well-defined career stages
    Teacher quality is vital in raising learner achievement
    provide support for professional learning
    attain high level of proficiency
  • Q15
    Are the principals in the private schools required to adopt the PPSSH?
    Yes come 2022
    no, but they are encouraged
    Yes, it is mandatory

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