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  • Q1
    What attitude does the narrator of "Confetti Girl" reveal when she uses the book as a coaster in paragraph 34?
    dishonesty in lying to her father about her homework
    resentment of her father's efforts to impose his interests on her
    worry about being able to finish her schoolwork
    carelessness when it comes to doing household chores
  • Q2
    In BOTH passages, what causes the conflict between the narrator and her parent?
    The parent acts in a way that neglects the narrator's interests.
    The parent makes a mess that the narrator will have to clean up.
    The narrator misunderstands her parent's intentions.
    The narrator does something to disappoint her parent.
  • Q3
    What additional similarity between the narrators builds on the same idea?
    They both have parents who value education above all else.
    They both have trouble connecting with their remaining parent.
    They both feel as if there is no point in making friends.
    They both have an active and rich imaginary life.
  • Q4
    How does paragraph 1 help to develop the plot of the passage?
    The paragraph establishes the conflict by explaining the reason Bahauddin Shah is alone in the dark.
    The paragraph foreshadows later events in the passage by describing the rising action.
    The paragraph creates admiration for Bahauddin Shah by describing his determination.
    The paragraph creates suspense by providing sensory details in the scene.
  • Q5
    What aspect of Bahauddin Shah's character is revealed throughout the passage?
    He is concerned about the well-being of his fellow citizens of Balabad.
    He has confidence that the city will remain untouched.
    He takes his position in Balabad seriously.
    He does not give up when faced with difficult circumstances.

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