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Road to Mastery: To FIT or Not to FIT

Quiz by Training Team SMB

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Put the filing status with the correct definition.  

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  • Q2

    TRUE or FALSE: Dependents, exemptions, and allowances mean the same thing.

    True or False
  • Q3

    Match the payroll frequencies with the number of checks an employee gets in a year.  

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  • Q4

    Why shouldn't we block Social Security or Medicare on an employee's check?

    Because then the Employer will pay the FICA taxes for the payroll and on the next payroll the Employee will have to pay the FICA to balance out the FICA tax.  

    Because Core Advance will not let you block FICA on a check.

    Because then the Employer will have to pay all the FICA taxes for the rest of the year.

    Because only clients can block FICA taxes in Flex.

  • Q5

    TRUE or FALSE: The FICA tax rule is

    Social Security is 12.4% - what was withheld from the Employee = Employer withholdings for Social Security & Medicare is 2.9% - what was withheld from the Employee = Employer withholdings for Medicare. 

    True or False
  • Q6

    ​Match the deduction with before or after taxes are withheld:

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  • Q7

    TRUE or FALSE:  Taxes will remain the same no matter what kind of deduction is added on the check.

    True or False
  • Q8

    TRUE or FALSE: The more you claim the less is withheld?

    True or False
  • Q9

    Nate calls from Handyman Hardware, stating that their new employee's check is wrong because no Federal taxes are being taken out. Nate would like to know why this happened and if we can get it fixed before the next payroll.

    Review the image below and pick the best word tracks to help Nate understand why the employee's  has no Federal taxes taken out.

    Question Image

    This was a mistake, the system must have gotten it wrong, and I will make sure it is corrected on the next check. 

    If his filing status is correct then it is fine the system does not get it wrong.

    It is because of his filing status, because the more you claim the less is withheld on a check.  The other thing that it could be is that the employee didn't make enough to have Federal Taxes taken out. 

    I am not sure you will have to talk to your payroll specialist I can transferer you over there now. 

  • Q10

    Julie from Precious Pets calls in upset because they do not understand why the employer's FICA taxes are so high. They recently processed a bonus payroll for all of the employees and requested that all taxes be blocked.

    Pick the correct word tracks to help explain to Julie what happened to the FICA taxes.

    If you block or change it on one check, the system will simply collect it on the next check. But, when 6.2% is not withheld from the employee for Social Security tax and1.45% is not withheld from the employee for Medicare, then the employer will have to “front” the remainder on that payroll because, at the end of the day, the FULL PERCENTAGE – 12.4% for Social Security and 2.9% for Medicare is due to the IRS but the system will correct itself on the next payroll to make sure the year to date FICA taxes are mathematically correct.  

    The system just does that when you block the FICA taxes.  It has to do with making sure all the taxes are paid not sure why it just happens that is why we don't block the FICA taxes, we can but we have been told many times not to.  

    Don't worry about it on the next payroll you will not have any FICA taxes coming out because it will be your employee's turn to pay all of the FICA taxes. 

    I am not sure why that would happen.  I just know we can't block FICA taxes on our end because we were just told not to.  If you want, I can get your payroll specialist on the phone to see if they can explain why we are not allowed to block and what is going on with your FICA taxes.  


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