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Rocks & Minerals Study Quiz

Quiz by Haley Ferreira

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  • Q1

    Mrs. Ferreira found a rock on the playground, but she isn't sure if it is a rock or a mineral. Which question could she ask to determine if it is a rock or a mineral?

    Is it big?

    What is it made up of?

    Is it yellow?

    Is it rough or smooth?

  • Q2

    A rock is made up of

    more than one mineral.


    lots of cookies.

    one mineral.

  • Q3

    Which of these is NOT a way to identify a rock or mineral?





  • Q4

    Which question should you ask to determine if a specimen is a rock or a mineral?

    Is it rough or smooth? 

    Is the specimen made of the same material throughout?

    How big is it?

    What color is it on the inside?

  • Q5

    A group of students is sorting their minerals by its luster. Which question should they ask about the minerals to help them classify the minerals?

    Can the mineral be scratched?

    What does it look like?

    What does it feel like?

    Is it shiny or dull?

  • Q6

    What question can you ask about a mineral to determine how hard it is?

    What color is the mineral?

    Is it hard to scratch? 

    Is it bumpy?

    How heavy is it?

  • Q7

    What question would be the BEST for students to ask to test out the hardness of the mineral, feldspar?

    Question Image

    Is the mineral colorful?

    Is the mineral bumpy?

    Is the mineral easy to scratch with other objects?

    Is the mineral as shiny as other minerals on the chart?

  • Q8

    If you can scratch a magnetite with the mineral hematite, does that mean that hematite is harder or softer?

    harder because it can scratch another mineral

    softer because it can scratch another mineral 


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