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Roman Catholic Church & Crusades

Quiz by Angie Richardson

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    Which word means that kings were chosen by God to rule?
    holy right
    all right
    just right
    divine right
  • Q2
    What word is a place where monks lived in isolation to dedicate their lives to God?
    Eastern Orthodox Church
    Roman Catholic Church
  • Q3
    How did the first universities begin?
    as churches spreading the word of Allah
    as a one room schoolhouses with a bell on the front
    as schools to educate boys to become priests
    as schools that ended in the 8th grade
  • Q4
    What developed around the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France?
    the first university in Europe
    the Holy Land
    the Crusades
    the first school for boys to become priests
  • Q5
    What was a major source of stability and hope for the people of Medieval Europe?
    The Roman Catholic Church
    the Crusades
    the Plague
  • Q6
    What three religions originate in the same part of the world?
    Buddhism, Christianity, and Judaism
    Judaism, Hinduism, and Taoism
    Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    Islam, Christianity, and polytheism
  • Q7
    What makes the Holy Land holy to Christians?
    It was where the pope lived.
    It was controlled by the Muslims.
    It was in the Middle East.
    It's where Jesus was born, lived, and died.
  • Q8
    What other group names were associated with Muslims during this time?
    Turks and Ottomans
    Europeans and Asians
    Greeks and Turks
    Turks and Byzantines
  • Q9
    What was one of the primary goals of the Crusades?
    to make the Holy Land controlled by Muslims
    to excommunicate the pope
    to make the Holy Land controlled by Christians
    to defend the manor from attack
  • Q10
    Why would so many Europeans agree to fight in the Crusades?
    They had nothing else to do with their time.
    They were afraid to fight other knights back in Europe.
    The pope promised forgiveness and entrance to heaven.
    It was their job
  • Q11
    Who called for people to fight in the First Crusade?
    Pope Francis
    Pope Urban II
    Julius Caesar
  • Q12
    What motivated Europeans to fight in the Crusades?
    a chance to claim land for themselves
    all of these
    spreading Christianity
    to get rich or find treasure
  • Q13
    Which Crusade was considered a success for Christianity?
    Second Crusade
    Third Crusade
    Fourth Crusade
    First Crusade
  • Q14
    Who ultimately regained control of the Holy Land?
    the Jews
    the Egyptians
    the Christians
    the Muslims
  • Q15
    Which is a true statement about the long-term impact of the Crusades?
    Kings and nobles lost control of their lands.
    The pope and the Roman Catholic Church became even stronger.
    Tension increased between Jews, Muslims, and Christians.
    There was peace for the first time in over 1000 years.

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