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Rome Ch 11 Review - Audio option

Quiz by Jill Schmidt

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26 questions
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  • Q1
    How were the Romans able to maintain control of their empire?
    They used a road system
    They used their strong army
    They developed a mail system
    They traded
  • Q2
    Who was killed on the Ides of March?
    Marc Antony
    Julius Caesar
  • Q3
    What kind of message did killing the Gracchus brothers give to the Roman government?
    killing is not the way to solve problems
    the plebeians were powerful
    the Gracchus brothers were right
    killing could be used as a political weapon
  • Q4
    When Augustus became emperor, he began a long era of
    civil war
    peace and prosperity
  • Q5
    Geographically, Italy is called
    a boot shaped peninsula
    a boot shaped subcontinent
    a boot shaped island
    a boot shaped mountain range
  • Q6
    The foreign policy of Augustus' convinced nations to
    attack Rome for power
    cause a decline of Rome which led to the Pax Romana
    make peace which lead to the Pax Romana
    cause civil war which led to the Pax Romana
  • Q7
    What is the rule of law?
    ability to vote and participate in gov't
    laws apply to everyone equally
    citizens are treated based on their wealth and power
    elected leaders make rules and law for society
  • Q8
    Who was Cincinnatus?
    an Etruscan ruler
    a farmer who did his civic duty without abusing his power
    tyrant of Rome
    a patrician who served as consul
  • Q9
    What event caused the patricians to change the Roman gov't?
    Romans chose dictators to rule in times of crisis
    Cincinnatus defended Rome against enemies
    Plebeians formed their own council and elected their own officials
    Aeneas formed an alliance with the Latins
  • Q10
    What do the Twelve Tables and U.S. Constitution have in common?
    The were both displayed in the Forum
    They were both written to protect the rights of the wealthy
    They were both written on bronze tablets
    They were both written to protect peoples rights
  • Q11
    Why did the plebeians love Julius Caesar?
    He helped the patricians get their land back
    He made the patricians wealthier
    He made so many changes that helped the plebeians
    He gave the plebeians a say in the gov't
  • Q12
    Where was the center of life in Rome
  • Q13
    Rome and Carthage were fighting over control of what area in the Punic Wars?
    Mediterranean Sea
  • Q14
    What is the purpose of checks and balances?
    To make sure the head of gov't is in control
    To control the budget
    To make sure one branch of gov't doesn't become too strong
    To control the laws
  • Q15
    What effect did military battles have on farming?
    There were more plebeians to work in the fields
    There was a surplus of food.
    There were not enough soldiers
    Farmers neglected their fields to fight in the war and have no food to grow

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