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Rome Christianity quiz pgs 123-134

Quiz by Sonja Hansen Smith

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  • Q1
    Who are “gentiles?”
    vestal virgins
  • Q2
    What types of people was Jesus known for associating with?
    He only met with his followers known as apostles once he became popular with the people
    Only those from the upper class that could afford to pay him for his time
    He associated with basically anyone who wanted to meet with him, including tax collectors, prostitutes, and sinners
    religious scholars who were able to think deeply and ask questions that were thought provoking
  • Q3
    The clergy were…
    The doctrines of predestination that came about during Paul’s time
    The religious practices and beliefs of a particular church
    The church ministers (bishops, priests, deacons) who guide the people
    The members of the church who have normal everyday occupations
  • Q4
    What is heresy?
    A person who dies for his or her faith
    The new part of the bible that put together the works of people who knew Jesus
    Religious practices, beliefs and customs that are wicked or false according to the faith
    A person who secludes him or herself from the lives of others and denies all luxury
  • Q5
    Who was Paul?
  • Q6
    Which of the following is an example of a martyr?
    a member of the high ranking clergy
    someone who is well educated in the area of religion and history
    after they were invaded and forced to convert, many refused and chose death instead
    a soldier who dies in battle from disease
  • Q7
    By the year 500 AD, what was the status of Christianity in the Roman world?
    Question Image
    Problems such as bad leaders, corruption, poverty and foreign invaders caused Christianity to appeal to more people and it spread throughout the Roman world
    Many people had converted to Christianity but because it did not welcome women into the faith it stopped growing in popularity
    A few people on the Eastern part of the Roman world were willing to try out this new "Cult"
    People were turning away from Christianity and seeing it as a cult and turning to the new Muslim faith that was coming from Saudi Arabia

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