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Romeo and Juliet Act 2 review

Quiz by Kristin Elam

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    To what does Romeo compare Juliet?
    the sun
    the stars
    the moon
    the trees
  • Q2
    What does Juliet say she doesn't like about Romeo?
    that he didn't kiss her goodnight
    that he wants to marry her so soon
    that he loves Rosaline
    that he is a Montague
  • Q3
    What promise do Romeo and Juliet make to each other before he leaves?
    that he should never see her again
    that they will meet at the Friar's
    that they will get married
    that she will go to confession
  • Q4
    Who does Romeo seem to trust the MOST with his secrets and feelings?
    his father
    the Friar
  • Q5
    Who does Juliet seem to trust the most with her secrets and feelings?
    the Nurse
    her mother
  • Q6
    Why does the Friar question Romeo's love for Juliet?
    He knows how quickly Romeo forgot about Rosaline.
    He thinks Romeo is a spoiled brat.
    He thinks Romeo already spent the night alone with Juliet.
    He knows that Romeo shouldn't marry a Capulet.
  • Q7
    Why does the Friar agree to perform the wedding?
    he knows they are in love
    he is sick of listening to Romeo whine
    it's his job so he has to
    he wants to end the feud
  • Q8
    Who speaks in blank verse?
    the Nurse and the Friar
    characters of low social status
    only Romeo and Juliet
    characters of high social status
  • Q9
    When characters of high social status speak in prose it has the effect of :
    focusing on the humor of the scene
    confusing the reader
    showing that they are enemies
    showing that the scene is serious
  • Q10
    Something that is counterfeit is
    a humorous joke
    a good quality object
    not what it seems like
    something that is serious
  • Q11
    If a teacher describes a student as being cunning that means they are

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