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Romeo and Juliet Act I

Quiz by Donna Duncan

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13 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following is NOT a foil in Act I of the play?

    Benvolio and Romeo

    Mercutio and Romeo

    Benvolio and Tybalt

    Capulet and Montague

  • Q2

    What purpose do Benvolio and Mercutio serve as foils to Romeo?

    They want Romeo to move on from Rosaline because he will find another girl even more beautiful.

    They understand why he is so gloomy and sad regarding Rosaline.

    They want him to think twice about having feelings for a Capulet.

    They want him to see that Rosaline is perfect for him.

  • Q3

    What function do the secondary characters of Sampson and Gregory have in the play?

    To make Prince Escalus intentionally declare death to the next person who breaks the peace

    To show that Capulet servants are more tolerant of the Montagues than the Montagues are over the Capulets

    To how how fiery Tybalt's temper is

    To show how deep the grudge is between the Capulets and Montagues since even the servants fight over it

  • Q4

    Which of the following foreshadows the Prologue that states Romeo and Juliet will take their lives?

    Tybalt has a fiery temper and will Romeo when he appears at the party.

    Before the Capulet party, Romeo states he has a feeling of doom.

    Prince Escalus says he will punish the next person who disturbs the peace.

    Thrice has Capulet and Montague fighting have disturbed the peace. 

  • Q5

    Why does Romeo speak in the following paradoxes:  "feather of lead," "bright smoke," and "cold fire?"

    He can't handle the sight of the beautiful Juliet.

    He is angry about the Capulet and Montague servants fighting.

    He thinks Mercutio belief in the power of dreams is ridiculous.

    He is overwhelmed and confused by emotional anguish of not winning Rosaline's affection.

  • Q6

    How does Paris add tension and complication to the plot?

    He will join the Capulets in fighting the Capulets.

    He will punish Romeo if he gets in a fight with Tybalt at the Capulet party.

    He is another man interested in Juliet who may eventually be in the way.

    He will join the Montagues in fighting the Capulets.

  • Q7

    Which of the following does NOT describe why the secondary character of the NURSE is important to the text?

    She provides humor and comic relief.

    She allows readers to see how crass or crude the lower classes were.

    She hates Paris and thinks he is a terrible choice for Juliet.

    She shows how Juliet is closer to her than her mother.

  • Q8

    What extended metaphor does Lady Capulet use to describe Paris?

    Sun and the moon



    Crow instead of a swan

  • Q9

    Which of the following is a motif Romeo does NOT use to describe the ladies he likes?

    Light and Dark (sun and moon)

    Sparkling Diamond



  • Q10

    What metaphor does the Nurse use to show that she approves of Paris's looks?

    "He's a man of wax"

    "Borrow{er} of Cupid's wings

    "Good pilgrim"

    "Dear Saint"

  • Q11

    What creature does Mercutio allude to teach Romeo a lesson about the uselessness of dreams?


    Queen Mab


    Religious Pilgrim

  • Q12

    How does Act I end with increased tension in the rising action of the plot?

    Tybalt disobeys Lord Capulet and fights Romeo at the party. 

    Benvolio and Mercutio have failed in making Romeo forget Rosaline.

    Juliet tells Romeo he is not a good kisser.

    Romeo and Juliet find out their identities. 

  • Q13

    What important information does the Prologue NOT provide in regards to the exposition?

    Setting is Verona

    Central conflict is resolved when Romeo and Juliet take their own lives

    Central conflict revolves around the feuding family

    When Romeo and Juliet met


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