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Romeo and Juliet Review

Quiz by Alexis Millard

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  • Q1

    How does Act 1, Scene 1 begin?

    Tybalt is insulting someone

    Capulet and Montague servants are fighting

    Romeo and Rosaline are together

    Romeo and Juliet meet

  • Q2

    What does "If ever you disturb our streets again/ Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace" mean?

    Capulets and Montagues are confined to their homes

    Whoever fights next will be killed

    The fighters will have to work for the Prince

    The fighters will pay a fine

  • Q3

    Who do Romeo and Juliet go to when they need help getting married?

    Benvolio and Tybalt

    Friar Laurence and Nurse

    Rosaline and Nurse

    Balthasar and Peter

  • Q4

    Why does Romeo kill Tybalt?

    To prove to Benvolio he could fight

    Tybalt threatened to expose Romeo and Juliet's marriage

    To stop Tybalt from killing Balthasar

    Tybalt provoked Romeo into fighting

  • Q5

    What makes Juliet pause before drinking the potion?

    She is not sure Romeo will actually return to Verona to be with her

    Her fear that if her parents think she is dead they will cremate her body

    Her fear of being left in a tomb full of dead people

    She considers that perhaps marrying Paris would be better after all

  • Q6

    When Prince Escalus arrives on the scene at the end of Act 5, who does he blame for the tragedy?

    The dead lovers' parents

    Tybalt and Romeo

    The authorities of Mantua

    Friar Laurence

  • Q7

    After their children's death, Montague and Capulet promise to honor each other's child by:

    holding a banquet in their honor

    building statues of them

    burying them together

    renaming the town for them

  • Q8

    Who ends the play, and what is his message?

    Romeo ends it by asking Juliet to live happily ever after with him

    Prince ends it by proclaiming the story of Romeo and Juliet the saddest story ever

    Lord Montague ends it by subtly letting Capulet know that the feud is still on

    The Friar ends it by leading all the characters in a prayer

  • Q9

    When Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead, Romeo cries, “I defy you, stars!”  Who or what is Romeo blaming for Juliet’s death?



    judicial system

    her parents

  • Q10

    Juliet changes in the play to become less

    obedient toward her parents

    jealous of Rosaline

    willing to act quickly

    interested in Romeo

  • Q11

    Which characters provide comic relief

    Friar Laurence and Lady Montague

    Mercutio and Nurse

    Tybalt and Capulet

    Paris and Benvolio

  • Q12

    Romeo's line "O brawling love! O loving hate!" is a reaction to hearing about the public fight between the families. What theme does this line introduce?

    violence affects everyone, not just those who are fighting

    the close relationship between love and hate

    love conquers all

    fate cannot be changed

  • Q13

    When a character in a play speaks words that only the audience is supposed to hear, it is called





  • Q14

    What is dramatic irony?

    When a characters says one thing but means something else

    When the audience knows something that the characters do not

    When the characters know something that the audience does not

    Irony that occurs in a play

  • Q15

    A soliloquy is an opportunity for:

    characters to bring humor back into the play to relieve tensions

    the audience to hear a single character's thoughts

    a character to introduce themselves to another character

    a musical interlude


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