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Romeo & Juliet Act V Quiz

Quiz by Danelle

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Romeo thinks that Juliet is dead because
    he has dreamed about her death.
    Paris tells him in the graveyard.
    he receives a letter from the Nurse.
    Balthasar brings him news of her funeral.
  • Q2
    In Scene 2, Friar Laurence hurries to the Capulets’ tomb
    to stop Romeo from killing Paris
    so that he can hide from the Prince.
    because Balthasar told him Juliet was dead.
    to reach Juliet before she wakes up.
  • Q3
    Why is Paris at the cemetery?
    He has discovered Friar Laurence’s plot and wants to confront him.
    He hopes to prevent the Capulets from killing the Montagues.
    He wants to place flowers on Juliet’s grave.
    He plans to attack Romeo when he arrives.
  • Q4
    When Paris sees Romeo, he says, “This is that banish’d haughty Montague / That murdered my love’s cousin—with which grief / It is supposed the fair creature died” (Scene 3, lines 49–51). This is an example of dramatic irony because
    Paris uses the word “haughty” ironically, but the audience does not know this.
    the audience knows the truth about Juliet’s grief and her fake death, but Paris does not.
    Paris knows Juliet did not die in the way she was “supposed” to, but the audience does not.
    the audience knows Romeo did not actually kill Tybalt, but Paris does not know this
  • Q5
    What does Romeo beg Paris to do?
    leave him alone
    call out the guard
    find Friar Laurence
    kill him
  • Q6
    When Romeo enters the tomb, he notices that Juliet
    is not actually dead.
    has been poisoned.
    is still beautiful.
    has vanished.
  • Q7
    Why does Friar Laurence leave Juliet alone in the tomb?
    He is afraid of the guard.
    She refuses to have anything more to do with him
    The Prince has forbidden him from ever seeing her again.
    He wants to teach her a lesson.
  • Q8
    Juliet kisses Romeo in the tomb because she
    thinks that Romeo has poison on his lips and the kiss will kill her.
    hopes to drain all the poison out of Romeo.
    wants to prove to everyone that she will always love only Romeo.
    believes that kissing Romeo might bring him back to life.
  • Q9
    Why do Capulet and Montague stop their feud at the end of the play?
    They realize that their hatred has destroyed their own children.
    They have finally heeded Friar Laurence’s sound advice.
    No one in either family is left to continue fighting for them.
    The Prince will punish them severely if they do not end their feud.
  • Q10
    The play ends with the following lines: “For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” Shakespeare probably ends the play with a rhyme because he wants to
    make the ending more memorable.
    demonstrate his formidable literary talents
    provide the audience with a little comic relief.
    mock the Prince’s pomposity.

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