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Roots Set 6

Quiz by Lillian Brannen

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    A subject who OBSEQUIOUSLY does as their king commands...
    is easily led astray.
    defies orders.
    does what their king wants and rests their own desires.
    is against the government.
  • Q2
    A MENDACIOUS individual is one who...
    is over-emotional.
    frequently gets infections.
    is a contrarion.
    lies frequently.
  • Q3
    A government MANDATE is...
    optional recommendations.
    balances out the other side.
    is against the people.
    an order that must be followed.
  • Q4
    The origin of EDUCATE means that when you learn, you...
    have faults fixed.
    return home.
    come with tabula rassa, aka blank slate.
    are led out of ignorance.
  • Q5
    ANTIPATHY is...
    new beginnings.
    good-will and benevolent feelings.
    a supportive relationship.
    a feeling of hatred against someone.
  • Q6
    ARCHAEOZOOLOGY is probably...
    the philosophy of integrating many cultures into your own
    the examination of the architecture of animal dwellings
    he study of primitive or ancient animals
    the study of ironclad ships
  • Q7
    Sarah was AMBIVALENT towards her date for homecoming. This means...
    She hated the idea of going with him
    She already told him she found another date.
    She could go both ways-go with him or stay home
    She was super excited to go with him.
  • Q8
    The satellite was OMNIDIRECTIONAL. This means that it is capable of...
    Receiving signals from a single direction.
    Receiving signals from two directions.
    Receiving signals from all directions
  • Q9
    Another word for teacher could be...
  • Q10
    A LACTOMETER is a hydrometer designed to determine the specific gravity and richness of...

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