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Rosh Hashana today, Hinduism this week

Quiz by Tim McKenzie

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the (shorter) traditional greeting on Rosh Hashana?
    Oy Vey ("Oh Boy")
    Shania Twain ("Two Times the Luck")
    Shanah Tova ("Good Year")
    Mazel Tov ("Good Luck")
  • Q2
    The Shofar is a key symbol of Rosh Hashana--what is a Shofar?
    a head covering that represents respect but humanly separation from the divine
    a (symbolic) weapon meant to show the victory of God's people over oppressors
    a ram's horn meant to be sounded to signal in the new year
    a sacred text that is read at the beginning of Rosh Hashana services
  • Q3
    Hinduism, though a polytheistic religion, subscribes to what overall Cosmology?
  • Q4
    What can the IDEA of Brahman be compared to in Western society?
    A Cow (from a vegetarian's perspective)
    Atomic particles (from the naked eye's perspective)
    The Ocean (from a fish's perspective)
    Jesus (from a believer's point of view)
  • Q5
    Is Atman the same thing as Brahman?
    Yes and No

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