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Quiz by Chris Nolan

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  • Q1
    INLAND ONLY What whistles signal would vessel sound if he wanted to overtake on the port side?
    one short
    two prolonged, one short
    two prolonged, two short
    two short
  • Q2
    INLAND ONLY If passing agreements are made by radiotelephone, which is true?
    whistles are mandatory within a half mile
    this agreement is prohibited
    whistles are mandatory
    whistles are optional
  • Q3
    If you are approaching another vessel and you are not sure if risk of collision exists. What must you assume?
    risk of collision exists
    the other vessel is also in doubt
    all of the above
    you are the give way vessel
  • Q4
    To determine if risk of collision exists, vessels with radar must use which of the following:
    radar scanning
    radar plotting
    compass bearings
    all of the above
  • Q5
    You hear a fog signal forward of your beam and haven't determined if risk of collision exists. What must you do?
    reduce to bare steerageway
    reduce to safe speed
    stop your engines
    reduce to half speed

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