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RPCC MFL Daily Quiz 6

Quiz by Sally Alberding

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Entry (New hire / required for all)
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5 questions
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  • Q1

    The three caller objections that allow us to search for sister properties are the price is too high, Section 8 not accepted, and pet not allowed.

    True or False
  • Q2

    A caller that says they have an eviction on their record and the PK states that no one with an eviction will qualify. What do you tell the caller?

    They don't allow evictions, but perhaps they could make an exception.

    Our community does not accept past evictions. However, I'd be glad to get your name and number.

    Our community does not accept past evictions. Please visit our website and if you have a moment, there is a brief survey and we would appreciate your feedback.

    Why didn't you pay your rent at your last place?

  • Q3

    What would you tell a caller that found a price or special that’s different from what we have?

    Say “Those other websites are wrong and you shouldn’t trust them.”

    We should acknowledge their statement, document the site that they saw the price and the onsite team will address it.

    Say “I will let my onsite team know, maybe my system hasn’t been updated yet.”

    Say “If that’s what you see online, you should let the onsite team know and they should be able to honor it.”

  • Q4

    What should you do if the caller says the price is out of their range?

    Offer to give them the local number in case the onsite team can make an exception

    Find out their price range and attempt to overcome the objection if within reason

    Gather their contact information in case the price changes

    Let them know the minimum income requirements and ask them if they would meet that guideline

  • Q5

    What makes a Lease Up community unique?

    They are either a brand new or a recently renovated community and are trying to fill a lot of apartment homes

    They offer open leases to prospects

    They are about to cancel service with us

    They’ve put a hold on signing new leases but still want leads for the future


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