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Russia History

Quiz by laura borrego

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23 questions
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  • Q1
    Which was a CAUSE of the Russian Revolution?
    There were food shortages in Russia and the serfs were starving
    Soldiers did not know how to use their weapons
    The czar was executed
    The Germans showed signs of surrender
  • Q2
    Which person did the actions below?
    Question Image
    Woodrow Wilson
    Vladimir Lenin
    Emperor Wilhelm II
    Czar Nicholas II
  • Q3
    What year did the Russian Revolution happen?
  • Q4
    Which is true about communism?
    All of the above
    Everyone SHOULD get paid the same regardless if they are a doctor, teacher, or cook.
    the government owns all property (land) and companies
    It is an unlimited government.
  • Q5
    What is the Russian word for a king?
    Great Leader
  • Q6
    In 1917, what leader pushed the weak government aside and changed Russia from an absolute monarchy to a communist government?
    Raul Castro
    Karl Marx
    Vladimir Lenin
    Barack Obama
  • Q7
    What kind of economic system dud Russia have where the government owned all means of production?
    Capitalist system
    Free Enterprise system
    Command Economy
    traditional economy
  • Q8
    The "Great Purge" was
    Hitler's Concentration Camps
    Stalin's genocide of 20 million people
    Stalin's mass deportation
    Hitler and Stalin's killing of people during WW2
  • Q9
    Why was Peter so Great?
    Every day was a dance party
    He modernized Russia by introducing Western technology and culture
    Fresh cuts for everyone!
    He made Russia the fashion capital of the world.
  • Q10
    What does Westernize mean?
    To speak English
    Wear Cowboy boots
    Get crazy--You're in the Wild, Wild, West!
    To dress and act like European countries (like England & Spain)
  • Q11
    During the Cold War, what weapon was the US and Soviet Union making in great number?
    nuclear warhead
    machine gun
  • Q12
    East Germany and West Germany were reunified when--
    the Berlin Wall fell
    When the US tied a bow around them
    the Berlin Wall was built
    When Stalin said it was time
  • Q13
    The Space Race happened during which "war"?
    Great War
    World War 1
    World War 2
    Cold War
  • Q14
    Vladimir Putin is the President of Russia because they are a--
    Absolute Monarchy
    Communist Governmet
    Representative Democracy
    Constitutional Monarchy
  • Q15
    Stalin and Hitler were BFFs, were dictators, and used concentration camps. But--
    Hitler killed more people than Stalin
    Stalin allowed Freedom of Speech and protest
    Hitler allowed Freedom of Speech and protest
    Stalin killed more people than Hitler

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