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  • Q1
    How did southern states respond to the ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment?
    By imposing requirements designed to deny African Americans the right to vote
    By forcing African Americans to work as tenant farmers and sharecroppers
    By shutting down all remaining offices of Freedmen’s Bureau
    By creating a segregated public education system
  • Q2
    Which outcome best completes this diagram?
    Question Image
    Civil War
    Popular Sovereignty
    Manifest Destiny
    American Revolution
  • Q3
    The economic growth demonstrated by this recruitment letter was primarily a result of —
    Question Image
    the abolition of the slave trade
    the new production methods of industrialization
    the passage of strict federal labor laws
    the expansion of the cottage industry system
  • Q4
    Which phrase best represents the U.S. principle of republicanism?
    The power of a court to declare a law unconstitutional
    The establishment of courts to interpret laws and government actions
    The division of power between a federal government and state governments
    The creation of a Congress to carry out the will of the people
  • Q5
    Which reason best completes the diagram?
    Question Image
    Interest in conquering territories in South America
    Requirements of an alliance with France
    British impressment of U.S. sailors
    Abolition of state militias

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