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Safe at Home

Quiz by Jen Wegis

Grade 6-8
ELA - History/Social Studies
Common Core

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Why were people afraid that the U.S. might be attacked?
    the people were not afraid
    the US had been attacked by Japan
    the US was attacked by Germany
    the US was bored
  • Q2
    The "home front" was:
    US towns where people helped in the war
    a place where people would be safe
    the place from which attacks were launched
    U.S. locations where Germany and Japan attacked
  • Q3
    In WWII, civil defense was:
    plans that were made to handle invasions into the U.S.
    plans that were made to handle attacks on U.S. cities
    the placing of soldiers in U.S. cities to fight
    plans that were made to prevent attacks on U.S. borders
  • Q4
    What are "blackout rules?"
    when all cars turned off their lights at night
    when all lights were turned off so enemy pilots couldn't use them as targets
    when all planes flew without their lights
    when all windows were painted black
  • Q5
    What was the main job of an air raid warden?
    To help people survive an enemy attack
    To guard prisoners of war
    To watch for fires from bombs
    To enforce blackout rules
  • Q6
    Why might an air raid warden's job be dangerous?
    they have to fight large mutant mosquitoes
    they have to fight enemy soldiers
    they have to fight enemy pilots
    they have to be out in danger to help others to safety
  • Q7
    The purpose of gas masks was:
    To protect the wearer's face from fire or smoke
    To filter poison gases so that you could breathe
    To make you look scary in order to scare off attackers
    To remind others of a coming attack
  • Q8
    Which is a reason that does NOT support the idea that the civil defense was useful?
    Everyone helped their communities
    Regular citizens learned how to help in the war
    Citizens learned to survive alone
    People learned how to work together

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