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Sample and Population #1

Quiz by Alexandra Flores

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  • Q1
    A local newspaper wants to predict who will win the upcoming mayoral election. Which of the following methods would give the newspaper the MOST accurate result?
    Ask all of the employees at the newspaper.
    Use a list of registered voters and call every tenth person.
    Have a reporter from the newspaper ask every fourth person in the mall.
    Print a survey in the newspaper and ask readers to reply.
  • Q2
    Which of the following is the BEST way to find a representative sample of all the students in the seventh grade?
    Ask any 30 of the most popular 7th grader's friends.
    Ask for 30 volunteers.
    Ask the first 30 people from a certain classroom.
    Select 30 people at random from the 7th grade homeroom class lists.
  • Q3
    Amanda wants to find out what people's favorite food is in her hometown. Which of the following would be a good way to have a representative sample of the entire town?
    Stand outside a local pizza place and ask people as they enter the restaurant.
    Go to church and ask the members of her congregation about their favorite foods.
    Talk to her friends and their parents and ask them about their favorite food.
    Randomly mail a questionnaire to all the different neighborhoods and apartment buildings in her hometown.
  • Q4
    An 8th grade student wants to find out what is the most popular type of music at her school. Which of the following would be a good representative sample of all the students at her school?
    Standing outside the band hall and asking students as they enter class.
    Randomly asking students from every math class in the school.
    Randomly asking students as they enter their 8th grade science classes.
    Sending a question to her friends via social media asking them about the type of music they like.
  • Q5
    A large company wants to get the initial opinion of its employees on switching from five 8 hour workdays to four 10 hour workdays. Which of the following would be a good representative sample of all the employees?
    Ask the supervisors from each department what they think their employees would say.
    Randomly select three employees from each department and have them fill out a survey with their opinions.
    Ask employees who have children what they think about the new schedule.
    Place a qr code linked to a survey in the cafeteria so employees can give their opinion.

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