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SC Ready Review 5th Grade (#1)

Quiz by K Farrar

Grade 5
South Carolina Learning Standards

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20 questions
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  • Q6
    What is the volume, in cubic centimeters, of the pictured figure?
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    15 cubic centimers
    45 cubic centimeters
    24 cubic centimeters
    30 cubic centimeters
  • Q7
    A number is given: 136.25 In a different number, the 6 represents a value which is one-tenth the value of the 6 in the number above. What value is represented by the 6 in the other number?
    six hundredths
    six tenths
    six tens
    six ones
  • Q8
    On Sunday, Terry bought the carton of eggs pictured. How many eggs remained in the carton after Terry used eggs on Tuesday?
    Question Image
    8 eggs
    1 egg
    3 eggs
    6 eggs
  • Q9
    Which statement is true about the values of the two expressions pictured?
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    The value of Expression B is three more than the value of Expression A.
    The value of Expression A is three more than the value of Expression B.
    The value of Expression B is three times the value of Expression A.
    The value of Expression A is three times the value of Expression B.
  • Q10
    Lori and Maria bought juice to make fruit punch. Maria bought 5 bottles of juice, each containing 750 milliliters . Lori bought 4 liters of juice. Based on this information, which sentence is true?
    Maria bought 0.75 more juice than Lori.
    Maria bought 33.5 liters more juice than Lori.
    Lori bought 0.25 liter more of juice than Maria.
    Lori bought 36.25 liters more juice than Maria.
  • Q11
    An empty shipping box has a mass of 2.75 kg. An electronics store is packing 5 identical laptops in a shipping box. Each laptop has a mass of 1.65 kg. The cost to ship the box was $40.00 for the first 5 kg and $3.15 for each kg over 5 kg. What was the cost to ship the packed box?
  • Q12
    Which expression means the same as the phrase: 'Subtract 3 from the product of 8 and 5'
    (5 x 8) - 3
    5 x (8-3)
    5 x (8+3)
    (5 x 8) + 3
  • Q13
    Brittany needs a total of 12 and 3/4 yards of yarn for an art project. She needs 1 and 3/8 yards of blue yarn, as well as 5 and 1/2 yards of green yarn. The rest of the yarn she needs is red. How much red yarn does Brittany need?
    6 and 7/8 yards
    6 and 1/2 yards
    5 and 7/8 yards
    7 and 1/2 yards
  • Q14
    The shaded part of the square pictured has a length of 3/4 foot and a width of 1/2 foot. What is the area, in square feet, of teh shaded part of the square?
    Question Image
  • Q15
    Jaime's fish tank is in the shape of a rectangular prism. It has a length of 6 feet, a width of 2 feet, and a height of 4 feet. What is the volume, in cubic feet, of Jaime's fish tank?
    12 cubic feet
    48 cubic feet
    32 cubic feet
    36 cubic feet

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