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Scale drawings 7.G.1

Quiz by Jaclyn McAllister

Grade 7
North Carolina Standard Course of Study

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16 questions
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  • Q1
    On a scale drawing, the scale factor is 1/12. A plum tree is 7 inches tall on the scale drawing. What is the actual height of the tree?
    84 inches
  • Q2
    On a road map, the distance between 2 citites is 2.5 inches. The map scale is 1 inch = 30 miles. What is the actual distance between the cities?
    75 miles
  • Q3
    Ms. Jackson is driving from South Bend to Indianapolis. She measures a distance of 4.3 cm between the cities on her map. What is the actual distance between the cities if the map scale is 1 cm = 30 miles?
    129 miles
  • Q4
    On a scale drawing, a tree is 6 3/4 inches tall. The scale factor is 1/20. Find the height of the actual tree.
    135 inches
  • Q5
    On a road map of Virginia, the distance from Alexandria to Roanoke is 7.6 cm. What is the actual distance between the cities if the map scale is 2 cm = 50 miles?
    190 miles
  • Q6
    The scale on a road map is 1 cm = 500 miles. If the distance on the map between New York City and Memphis is 2.2 cm, what is the actual distance between the two cities?
    1,100 miles
  • Q7
    There are several different scales in model railroading. Trains designated as O gauge are built to a scale factor of 1:48. To the nearest hundredth of a foot, how long is a model of a 50 foot boxcar in O gauge?
    1.04 feet
  • Q8
    For a school project, LeeAnn is making a model of the Empire State Building. She is using a scale of 1 cm = 8 feet. The Empire State Building is 1,252 feet tall. How tall is her model?
    156.5 cm
  • Q9
    The scale factor for Maria's dollhouse furniture is 1:8. If the sofa in Maria's dollhouse is 7 1/2 inches long, how long is the actual sofa?
    60 inches
  • Q10
    Josh wants to add a model of a tree to his model railroad layout. How big should the model tree be if the actual tree is 315 inches and the scale is 1:90?
    3.5 inches
  • Q11
    The scale on a wall map is 1 inch = 55 miles. What is the distance on the map between 2 cities that are 99 miles apart?
    1.8 miles
  • Q12
    On a blueprint, the scale is 1/2 inch = 10 feet. What is the actual height of the living room which is 9/20 inch on the blueprint?
    9 feet
  • Q13
    f 1 inch = 55 miles on a map, then how many inches will represent 1595 miles on the map?
    29 inches
  • Q14
    If a building's actual length is 34 feet, what would it's size be on a scale drawing?The scale is 1 inch = 8 feet
    4.25 inches
  • Q15
    The Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall. How tall would the building be on a scale model if the scale is 1 inch = 50 feet?
    25 inches

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