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Scene One: Jewels of the Shrine

Quiz by Donna Duncan

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  • Q1

    What role does the "Stranger" bring to the text?

    He knows where the jewels are hidden that will ensure Okorie has a better life and burial.

    He hates the grandsons as well and thinks Okorie deserves the treasure.

    He will care for Okorie since his grandsons are lazy.

    He will help Bassi dig up the treasure.

  • Q2

    What does the reader learn about Okorie's grandsons through his dialogue with the Stranger?

    Okorie's grandsons are not good because they have not converted to Christianity.

    Okorie's grandsons do not trust strangers.

    Okorie's grandsons do not care for him and respect him as they should.

    Other young people are more respectful of their elders than Okorie's grandsons.

  • Q3

    How does setting affect Okorie's views on his grandsons?

    African culture teaches the elderly to love their descendants no matter what.

    African culture does not trust strangers, so Okorie decides to tell his grandsons about the treasure

    Elders have never been respected in African culture, so Okorie knows why his grandsons mistreat him.

    African culture teaches respect of elders, so Okorie thinks his grandsons should do more for him.

  • Q4

    Even though Bassi is a secondary character, what important role does she have on the plot? 

    She convinces Okorie to not listen to the Stranger about the jewels.

    Bassi is too afraid of the grandsons to fuss at them for their treatment of Okorie.

    It is through Okorie's dialogue with Bassi that his grandsons learn of the secret of the treasure.

    Bassi refuses to help Okorie because it is not her responsibility.

  • Q5

    What conflict is introduced in the exposition?

    The Stranger shares information about the location of the jewels.

    Okorie needs the jewels to improve his life and pay for a proper funeral since his grandsons don't care for him properly.

    Arob and Ojima want to get the jewels so they can better care for Okorie in his old age.

    Bassis wants Arob and Ojima to find the jewels to pay her for caring for Okorie.

  • Q6

    Which quote shows Ojima's and Arob's disrespect of Okorie?

    "Now, Grandfather, where are you going with a hoe at this time of night?"

    "We intend to go to the farm early in the morning."

    "So, there is a treasure in our farm; we must waste no time."

    "But Grandfather usually goes to bed before the earliest chickens....Our good grandfather might be thinking of his youthful days when all men were fond of farming... Our father left his responsibility to us"

  • Q7

    What motivates Ojima and Arob?

    Fairness and justice

    Duty and responsibility

    Greed and selfishness

    Shame and embarrassment

  • Q8

    What changes to African culture have intensified the conflict between Okroie and his grandsons?

    Only women like Bassi are expected to care for the elderly; it is not the responsibility of men like Arob and Ojima.

    Okorie is expected to share the jewels with his grandsons because they are family; he wants to keep them for himself.

    Okorie is too stubborn and refuses to change with the times even though no other adults expect kids to care for their elders.

    Okorie is from an older time when men worked hard and respected their elders; Arob and Ojima are a younger generation who think Okorie is old-fashioned and it is unfair for them to have to care for him.

  • Q9

    How does the scene end with suspense?

    Bassi has started digging too, so the reader wonders if she will find the treasure before the grandsons.

    The Stranger is going to follow the grandsons and steal the treasure for Okorie.

    Ojima and Arob are going to try the find the jewels themselves and move into town with them, leaving Okorie behind.

    Okorie does not know his grandsons are hiding under the bed.

  • Q10

    What can the reader infer about Okorie and his mental state?

    He is not a senile, crazy old man.  He pretends to be so that he can get the treasure and deceive his grandsons.

    He is a crazy, old man who expects too much from his grandsons.

    He loves his grandsons, and as their grandfather, he wants them to learn a lesson about respect of elders.

    He is just a crazy, old man who should not trust the Stranger.  He is easily tricked and misled.


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