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Schooled, chapters 15-17

Quiz by Karrah Howell

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    What do Capricorn and the rest of the middle school student body make in the art room one morning?
    tie-dye clothes
    Halloween decorations
    tai chi
  • Q2
    What does Hugh notice at the end of chapter 15?
    Cap is kind of bossy.
    Cap is becoming weirder by the minute.
    No one is throwing spitballs in Cap's hair.
    Naomi is in love with Cap.
  • Q3
    What does Mr. Kasigi give Capricorn to pay for the Halloween dance?
    12 signed checks
    he gives him nothing
    Sophie's bracelet
  • Q4
    Walking home that afternoon, what does Cap see?
    Sophie driving her mom's car
    A bracelet that looks just like Sophie's in a jewelry store window
    a shiny ring in a jewelry store
    Zach Powers running towards him
  • Q5
    What does Cap do when he spots the bracelet?
    Uses a school check to buy it for Sophie
    asks if he can have it to give to Sophie
    Calls Mr. Donnelly to come buy it
    calls Ms. Donnelly to come buy it
  • Q6
    What was the engraving on Sophie's bracelet?
    Happy birthday!
    Love you!
    All You Need is Love
    Love, Dad
  • Q7
    Why does Ms. Donnelly think that Cap has a crush on Sophie?
    She saw Cap about to put his arm around Sophie on the couch
    Cap tried to kiss Sophie
    Cap told her
    Cap wrote a note to Sophie, and Ms. Donnelly read it.

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