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Quiz by Dexter Nalugon

Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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Measures 6 skills from
Grade 10
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)


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30 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following statements are TRUE about the electromagnetic waves in the spectrum?

    I. Radio waves have higher energy than UV rays.

    II. Gamma rays have higher frequencies than X-rays.

    III. Radio waves have a longer wavelength than visible light.

    IV. The frequencies and energy of infrared waves are lower than that of visible light.

    I, II, III, and IV

    II, III, and IV 

    I and II 

    I, II, and III  

  • Q2

    How would you compare microwaves with UV rays in terms of the wavelengths, frequencies, or energy that they carried?

    Microwaves’ energy is higher than that of UV rays.

    Microwaves have a longer wavelength than UV rays.

    Microwaves have higher frequencies than UV rays.

    Microwaves and UV rays have similar amounts of energy and frequencies.

  • Q3

    Based on the diagram below, compare the wavelength and frequencies of electromagnetic waves as arranged in the electromagnetic spectrum?

    Question Image

    Ultraviolet have shorter wavelength compared to visible light. 

    Visible lights has longer wavelength than    infrared rays.

    Radio waves are higher in frequency and energy than gamma rays.

    X-rays have lower frequency than UV rays.

  • Q4

    Given a chance to arrange infrared waves, microwave, UV rays, and visible lights with an increasing amount of the energy of their photons, how it should be?

    microwave, infrared wave, visible lights, UV rays

    visible lights, UV rays, infrared waves, microwave

    microwave, UV rays, infrared waves, visible lights       

    infrared waves, microwave, UV rays, visible lights    

  • Q5

    What is the frequency of 222 nm EM waves used to disinfect the living room?

    1.35 x1015 Hz

    1.35 x10-14 Hz   

    1.35 x 10-15 Hz    

    1.35 x1014 Hz

  • Q6

    How much is the energy carried by the photons of 222 nm UV rays used for room sanitation?

    8.95 x1018 J    

    8.95 x 1019 J

    8.95 x 10-19 J

    8. 95 x 10-18 J 

  • Q7

    A certain TV network uses a frequency of 88 MHz of radio waves in airing their TV shows. What is the the corresponding wavelength of its wave?

    3.40 m   

    0.29 m    

    0. 30 m   

    3.41 m

  • Q8

    Which of the following best explain and shows the transmission of waves used in airing TV shows?

    Question Image

    TV stations - space - TV transmitter - broadcasting tower - households

    Households - TV transmitter - TV stations - Broadcasting tower - space

    TV transmitter - TV stations - broadcasting tower - space - households

    TV stations, - TV transmitter - broadcasting tower - space - households

  • Q9

    As shown in the diagram, how are microwaves used in satellite communication?

    Question Image

    Two microwaves from different stations were used, one for upward transmission and another one for downlink transmission of signals, which are linked on a geostationary satellite in the ionosphere.

    The space satellite sends off uplink and received downlink.

    A downlink transmission was received on the space by another microwave on the ground.

    An upward transmission was received on the ground by a microwave from a satellite in the space.

  • Q10

    Which of the following explains why infrared radiation is being used in the field of medicine?

    I. It can provide relief of muscle pain and tension.

    II. It can detect the thermal temperature of a person.

    III. It can scan the bone fractures and damages in the body.     

    IV. It can promote local blood circulation and reduce muscle tension.


    I, II, and III     

    I, II, and IV

    II and III    

    I and II

  • Q11

    A storekeeper received a 1000 bill of Philippine money from a client and wants to make sure it is not fake. Which of the following devices should he use?

    white-light flashlight

    LASER diodes   

    solar lamp 

    UV counterfeit money detector 

  • Q12

    A boy riding a fast-moving motorcycle suddenly involved in an accident. His parents want to detect if there is any bone fracture. What medical procedure should be given to him?   

    CT Scan 

    MRI Scan  

    PET Scan  

    X-ray Scan  

  • Q13

    X-rays are used in engineering-related activities EXCEPT one?

    It is used to weld metal joints.   

    It is used to detect leakages in small pipelines.

    It is used to check for flaws in welded metal joints.

    It is used to check gas and oil pipelines.   

  • Q14

    Which of the following electromagnetic waves are non-ionizing and do not harm the human body?

    infrared wave, microwaves, radio waves, visible light

    infrared wave, gamma rays, microwaves, UV rays

    gamma rays, microwaves, radio waves, X-rays

    gamma rays, microwaves, UV rays, X-rays

  • Q15

    In which situation does electromagnetic radiation positively affects the environment or human being?

    High energy microwave radiation cause thermal effects.

    Ionizing radiations may alter the DNA pattern of organisms.

    A cell tower near rice fields.

    UV rays can be used constructively in eradicating bacteria, viruses & fungi.


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