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  • Q1

    One Saturday morning, Linda is about to take a bath when she noticed that her things are disorganized. What should she do?

    Scatter the materials used to clean your body

    Organize the shampoo and body soap
    Combine all the materials according to their uses for easy access
    Group all the materials to make them organized according to their uses for easy access and saves time looking for things
  • Q2

    Your mother asked you to fix your personal body care products. How will you group it?

    Scatter your belongings.

    Put the toothbrush and toothpaste together.
    Organize the products for skin care, hair care and oral care.
    Group the products based on their uses in order to be safe and easy to access.
  • Q3

    In planting, we use chemical fertilizer to increase harvest. What is its harmful effect to the environment when it is not properly used?

    It cleans the environment.

    Nutrients from fertilizers enter lakes through soil erosion.
    Pesticides contaminate soil and water and can be toxic to a host of other organisms including birds and fishes.
    Fungicide, pesticide and herbicide are toxic to the environment and can pose risk to organisms.
  • Q4

    One morning, Lolo Tinoy went to his farm. He found out that his vegetables are full of aphids. What should he use to kill them?

    Put fertilizer on the plants.
    Apply organic pesticides on the plants.
    Apply botanical pesticides because they are biodegradable.
    Application of botanical pesticide like neem oil formulation is used to get rid of aphids.
  • Q5

    Which of the following materials is useful at home?

    Paint can irritate eyes, ears or nose.

    Bamboo is a renewable source because it is natural and grows so fast.
    Reusing items helps preserve natural resources. The use of PET plastics, bamboo and fabrics can be reused.
    PET (polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester) is a plastic approved as safe for foods and beverages.
  • Q6

    Which of the given materials can either be completely discarded or can still be used at home?

    Fruit peelings can be used for composting

    Fruit peelings cannot be decomposed.

    Fruit peelings are packed with beneficial nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It can also be used for composting.
    The natural decomposition of wastes by microbes generates products with high humus content.
  • Q7

    These materials can be toxic or harmful. What are examples of harmful materials?

    Batteries have strong corrosive acids.

    Toilet bowl cleaner has safe ingredients.

    The toxic chemicals can cause burns to our eyes and skin.
    Air fresheners have toxins that can accumulate in the body over time.
  • Q8

    What physical property does the gold have that allows it to be made into JEWELRY like ring, pair of earring or necklace?

    Gold is non-metal with a yellow color.

    Gold is one of the densest of all metals.
    Gold is a metal and a good conductor of heat and electricity.
    Gold is a metal, the most malleable, ductile and does not tarnish or corrode.
  • Q9

    Which of the following materials are useful?

    Plastics are non-biodegradable materials

    Left-over food is a biodegradable material.
    Food waste, human waste and dead plants and animals are biodegradable materials that decompose easily.
    Biodegradable materials coming from people, plants and animals can be decomposed with the help of certain microorganisms.
  • Q10

    Which group of materials are non-biodegradable?

    Plastics can be decomposed by microbes

    Non-biodegradable wastes are not environment-friendly
    Glass, tetra packs and metals are non-biodegradable materials
    Non-biodegradable materials cannot be broken down by natural organisms which results as a source of pollution.
  • Q11

    Which property of gold has a useful effect?

    It is a good conductor of heat.
    It is a metal making it a good conductor of heat.

    It has physical properties that cannot be observed.

    It is a precious yellow metal and a good conductor of heat and electricity.
  • Q12

    What property of a nail has a harmful effect on the environment?

    It is corrosive.

    It is non-metal.

    It can be beaten into thin sheets called malleability.
    It is a corrosive metal that has the ability to be hammered into thin sheets called malleability.
  • Q13

    Why are fruit peelings useful in farming?

    Composting is a source of commercial fertilizer.

    Composting is a way of decomposing plant and food waste.
    Composting utilizes microorganisms present in the organic matter and soil.
    Compost eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers which promotes higher yields of agricultural crops.
  • Q14

    In what way are rubber bands useful at home?

    It is elastic that it can secure things tightly.

    It is cheap and can be found anywhere.

    It is soft, stretchable, and easy to use
    It is easy to use.
  • Q15

    How do materials become harmful to the community?

    Throwing toxic materials like used batteries anywhere.
    Keeping pointed materials and within the reach of children.

    Non - biodegradable materials harm the environment

    Improper disposal of materials that are inconsiderate to the environment.

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