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Science 6


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  • Q1
    Which of the following statement is correct?
    You should run while the earthquake is going on.
    You should not follow what the proper authorities will tell you.
    You should prepare an emergency plan to cope with the disaster.
    You should panic when earthquake hits.
  • Q2
    What should you do during an earthquake?
    You should panic and stay only inside the house.
    You should lock your door so that nobody can enter.
    You should run out of the house.
    You should duck, cover and hold.
  • Q3
    What should you do after an earthquake when you are in a building?
    You should run while going out.
    You should walk fast in moving out.
    You should lock the door so that nobody will see you.
    You should panic.
  • Q4
    What should you do after an earthquake?
    You should stay in the evacuation center. Avoid going back to your house, aftershocks may occur.
    You should ignore what is happening outside.
    You should go to your neighbor.
    You should prepare your emergency kit.
  • Q5
    Which should NOT be done during an earthquake?
    Do not run.
    Do the duck, cover and hold.
    Stay calm and in control.
    Do not follow the instructions of the authorities.

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