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Science 8 - Unit 3 Lesson 2

Quiz by Esmeralda Kight

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  • Q1
    the hypothesis that a single large landmass broke up into smaller landmasses to form the continents, which then drifted to their present locations; the movement of the continents
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    continental drift
  • Q2
    the theory that Earth's outer layer is made up of large, moving pieces called tectonic plates; the theory explains how plates interact and how those interactions relate to processes such as earthquakes and mountain building
    plate tectonics
  • Q3
    a system of ideas that explains many related observations and is supported by a large body of evidence acquired through scientific investigation
  • Q4
    the process by which new oceanic lithospere (sea floor) forms when magma rises to Earth's surface at mid-ocean ridges and solidifies, as older, existing sea floor moves away from the ridge
    sea-floor spreading
  • Q5
    the process by which one lithospheric plate moves beneath another plate as a result of tectonic forces
  • Q6
    the process by which Earth's magnetic north pole and magnetic south pole switch positions periodically; a change in the direction in which Earth's magnetic field points
    magnetic reversal
  • Q7
    any movement of matter that results from differences in density; may be vertical, circular, or cyclical
    convection current

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