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Science 9 : 4th quarter questions

Quiz by Liz Go

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  • Q1

    A body moves in a plane with constant acceleration in a direction from the initial velocity. The path of the body will be

    an ellipse

    a straight line

    an arc of a circle

    a parabola

  • Q2

    If you throw a baseball straight up, what is its vertical velocity at the highest point?

    0 m/s

    9.8 m/s

    0 m/s2

    -9.8 m/s2

  • Q3

    If a stone is horizontally launched at a certain height, how do you describe the magnitude of its vertical velocity as it approaches the ground?

    Changes continuously 

    Remains the same

    Gradually decreasing 

    Gradually increasing

  • Q4

    What is its acceleration when a horizontal force equal to its weight is applied to an object on a frictionless surface?

    acceleration due to surface

    acceleration due to force 

    acceleration due to gravity

    acceleration due to friction

  • Q5

    Two objects are released from the same height. Object A falls straight down from a cliff, and object B follows a curved parabolic path. Which of the statements is true?

    Object A hits the ground first if it is heavier than Object B

    Object A hits the ground before Object B

    both Objects A and B will hit the ground at the same time

    Object B hits the ground before Object A

  • Q6

    What factor(s) affect (s) how far a projectile will land?

    both angle of launch and initial velocity

    none of the choices

    initial velocity only

    angle of launch only

  • Q7

    Consider a plane moving with constant speed at an elevated height above the Earth's surface. During its flight, the plane drops a package from its luggage compartment. where will the luggage land with respect to the plane. 

    None of the choices

    Directly below the plane 

    Behind the plane

    In front of the plane

  • Q8

    A baseball player throws a ball horizontally ( at an angle of 00). Which statements best describe the ball's motion after it is thrown? (Neglect air resistance)

    its vertical speed remains the same, and its horizontal speed remains the same

    its vertical speed increases and its horizontal speed remains the same

    its vertical speed increases, and its horizontal speed increases

    its vertical speed increases  and its horizontal speed decreases

  • Q9

    Which has more momentum, a heavy truck moving at 30 kph or a light truck moving at 30kph, or a light truck moving at 30 kph?

    cannot be determined

    both have the same momentum

    a heavy truck

    light truck

  • Q10

    Two billiard balls approach each other at equal speed. If they collide in a perfectly elastic collision, what would be their velocities after collision?

    different in magnitude and opposite in direction


    same in magnitude but opposite in direction

    same in magnitude and direction

  • Q11

    Which of the following statements describes momentum?

    It is the product of the body's mass and velocity

    It is the sum of body's mass and acceleration

    It is the product of body's mass and acceleration

    It is the sum of body's mass and velocity

  • Q12

    What word can best describe the total momentum in an isolated system?  





  • Q13

    What is the momentum of two cars after a collision if its momentum before the collision is 50 kg m/s?

    15 kgm/s

    50 kgm/s

    5 kgm/s

    30 kgm/s

  • Q14

    The total mechanical energy of the object at the highest point compared to its total mechanical energy at the lowest point is _______.

    not related




  • Q15

    Mechanical energy is defined as the sum of both the potential energy and the kinetic energy of an object. According to the law of conservation of energy, what happens to mechanical energy if the potential energy of an object decreases?

    Mechanical energy increases

    Mechanical energy increases then decreases

    Mechanical energy remains unchanged

    Mechanical energy decreases


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