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Science Benchmark 4 Review

Quiz by Kimberly Dendy

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  • Q1
    Jacob put yeast into a bowl of water and added a little sugar. He put the bowl in a warm place. After a while, Jacob observed foam spilling out of the bowl. What kind of change is occurring?
    chemical change
    physical change
    scientific change
    geological change
  • Q2
    Mai filled two balloons with the same amounts of water, sugar, and yeast. She put one on a table in the classroom. She put the other on a sunny windowsill. Why did Mai observe that the balloon in the window grew larger in size?
    The windowsill area is warmer
    The classroom table area is the same temperature as the windowsill.
    The windowsill area is cooler.
    The classroom table area is warmer
  • Q3
    Which of the following represents a chemical change?
    Broken Window
    Digging Dirt
  • Q4
    Which of these conditions has the greatest effect on how quickly a substance changes from one state to another?
  • Q5
    Why does milk have to be kept in a refrigerator?
    Physical changes that cause milk to spoil are slower at lower temperatures.
    No chemical or physical changes can occur at cool temperatures.
    Milk tastes better when it is cold.
    The reactions that cause milk to spoil are slower at lower temperatures.
  • Q6
    Sergio tested a control solution at room temperature (25 °C), and measured how fast salt dissolved in it. Next, he cooled solution A to 10 °C and heated solution B to 40 °C. How quickly did the salt dissolve in solutions A and B compared to the control?
    faster for solution A and slower for solution B
    slower for solutions A and B
    faster for solutions A and B
    slower for solution A and faster for solution B
  • Q7
    Jessica is helping her mom cook dinner. After she adds salt to the boiling water, what will she have in the pot?
    a solution called a mixture
    a mixture called a solution
    a solution called a combination
    a mixture called a combination
  • Q8
    Ben took a picnic to a sandy beach. He brought a garden salad and lemonade. Which of these bestdescribes sand, a garden salad, and lemonade?
  • Q9
    Jimmy's mom boils water in a pot on the stove to make soup. Which of these ingredients will dissolve in the water?
  • Q10
    How would a picture of the particles of a solid look like?
    The particles would be jam packed together and not moving.
    the particles would be flying around
    the particles would be bumping into each other.
    the particles would be close but not touching
  • Q11
    . Each of the states of matter has specific characteristics. Which statement correctlydescribes one of these characteristics?
    Liquids have definite volume and shape.
    The particles in solids have weak forces of attraction.
    Solids flow from one place to another.
    Gases can expand and be compressed
  • Q12
    Shyanne needs to make a list of the physical properties of matter. Which of these should Shyanne include in her list?
    graduated cylinder
  • Q13
    Each state of matter has certain physical properties. Which is a physical property of a gas?
    It has definite texture.
    It can be compressed.
    It has definite shape.
    Its particles vibrate in place.
  • Q14
    Different elements have different kinds of atoms. How can you tell an atom of one element from an atom of another?
    the number of electrons
    the number of neutrons
    the number of protons
    the number of nuclei

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