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Science C5

Quiz by Bolade Ajimisogbe

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    …….. Is the provision of facilities and services for the safe disposal of human urine and faeces.
    (b) sanitation
    © Manicurring
    (d) pedicurring
    (a) Environmental
  • Q2
    The following are importance of sanitation except…..
    d) sanitation increases the population of pest
    c) sanitation saves money for the family
    b) sanitation destroys bacteria
    a) Sanitation enhances better standard of living
  • Q3
    Solid waste is known as…..
    d) waste materials
    b) Refuse
    a) sewage
    c) sludge
  • Q4
    The liquid waste is known as….
    c) Sewage
    b) Refuse
    d) sludge
    a) faeces
  • Q5
    The process of providing food necessary for growth and health is called…..
    a) Reproduction
    d) Nutrient.
    b) Food
    c) Nutrition
  • Q6
    A diet is said to be adequate if it contains…..
    d) Contains all proteins in the right proportion
    b) Fats and oils in the right proportion
    c) All essentials of food nutrients in the appropriate proportion
    a) All carbohydrates in the right proportion
  • Q7
    Drugs used for the treatment or prevention of diseases are called…..
    d) Chemotherapeutic
    c) Overdose
    b) Cocaine
    a) Medicines
  • Q8
    Consequences of drug abuse include the following except….
    c) Mental disturbance
    d) Inability to sleep
    a) Neat appearance
    b) Irritation
  • Q9
    ….. Involves the rearing of animals for human consumption and other uses.
    a) Animal husbandry
    b) Livestock farming
    c) Fish farming
    d) Crop production
  • Q10
    …… is the type of agriculture that is concerned with the production of food and cash crops in large quantities for sale.
    (d) Animal Science
    (a) subsistence agriculture
    (b) Commercial agriculture
    (c)Crop science
  • Q11
    The following are the problems of agriculture in Nigeria except…..
    (a) the Attitude of people towards farming
    © Poor transportation
    (d)Poor implements or farm tools.
    (b) Sufficient funds
  • Q12
    The area of agriculture that deals with rearing animals for human consumption and other uses is…
    (d) Agriculture.
    (a) Floriculture
    (b) crop production
    © Animal husbandry
  • Q13
    ……is the branch of agriculture that deals with the study and practice of cultivating vegetables, fruits, and ornamentals for profit and pleasure.
    (d) Veterinary science.
    (a) Horticulture
    (c)Animal science
    (b) Olericulture
  • Q14
    ……is the release of harmful substances into the water, air or land through human activities.
    © Pollution
    (d) Water.
    (b) Sanitation
    (a) Nutrition
  • Q15
    The following are types of pollution except….
    (d) Class pollution.
    (c) Air pollution
    (b) Land pollution
    (a)Water pollution

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