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Science EOG Review - Part 3

Quiz by Kelly Schuler _ Staff - BryanRdES

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24 questions
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  • Q1
    Which organism is the best example of a consumer?
    pine tree
  • Q2
    Which organism most likely lives in a grassland ecosystem?
  • Q3
    Which best explains why a puppy and its parents all have white fur with black spots?
    The puppy and its parents got their fur color from their ecosystem.
    The puppy inherited its fur color from its parents.
    The puppy learned how to get its fur color from its parents.
    The parents inherited their fur color from their puppy.
  • Q4
    A boy and his father each have a small scar on one arm. Which best describes the boy's scar?
    inherited trait
    inherited behavior
    acquired trait
  • Q5
    A pole is located north of a tree. If a boy walks from the pole to the tree, in which direction does the boy travel?
  • Q6
    A girl lets go of her backpack, and it falls toward the ground. Which is the best explanation for why the backpack moves toward the ground?
    Gravity pulls on the backpack.
    The backpack's mass increases.
    The girl exerts a force on the backpack.
    Friction pulls on the backpack.
  • Q7
    If salt and iron shavings are stirred into a beaker of water, which will most likely happen?
    The salt and the iron will both change state.
    The salt and the iron will both dissolve.
    The salt will change state.
    The salt will dissolve.
  • Q8
    Early on a summer morning, drops of water have collected on the grass even though it has not rained for days. Which will most likely caused the drops to form?
    Blowing wind carried and dropped liquid water on the grass.
    The sun warmed and melted frozen water on the grass.
    Water drops fell from the atmosphere to the ground as precipitation.
    Water vapor in the air cooled enough to turn into liquid water.
  • Q9
    Which best describes what happens when newspaper burns?
    New substances form.
    Substances stay the same.
    Substances get mixed together.
    Substances change state.
  • Q10
    If two solid objects are stacked one on top of the other, how will heat flow between them?
    from the larger object to the smaller object
    from the top object to the bottom object
    from the lighter object to the heavier object
    from the warmer object to the cooler object
  • Q11
    Which is an example of heat transfer by conduction?
    A campfire warms the campers sitting near it.
    Sunlight heats the sand on a beach.
    A radiator warms the air throughout a room.
    A metal spoon gets hot in a pot of boiling water.
  • Q12
    How would the weather conditions most likely change from summer to fall in most parts of the United States?
    from cloudy to sunny
    from snowy to rainy
    from warmer to cooler
    from cool to cold
  • Q13
    Weather forecasters predict that the polar jet stream will dip south into North Carolina. Which will most likely be the result in North Carolina?
    The temperature will increase.
    The temperature will decrease.
    The air pressure will increase.
    The wind speed will decrease.
  • Q14
    Which is most likely to cause cooler than normal temperatures along the coast of California?
    the gulf stream
    La Nina
    El Nino
    the jet stream
  • Q15
    Which best describes a part of the skeletal system and its function?
    The lungs take in oxygen.
    The muscles move the body.
    The skull protects the brain.
    The nerves carry messages.

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